Certified Bowen Health Therapist program (CBHT)

Becoming a Certified Bowen Health Therapist program (CBHT) is a fantastic way to grow your practice and become a more effective healer. On top of the courses encompassed in the BowenFirst Practitioner Program, you will receive courses in Nutrition, Meridian Connections, Business & Ethics, E-Healing and Social Media as our gift to you. CBHT is a professional level of certification, recognized and accredited by the The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. This level is appropriate for professionals who want to start using Bowen Therapy in their practice, as well as those who are looking to improve their technique, grow their practice and are dedicated to bringing gentle and effective healing to their patients. This program is aimed to instill the confidence, knowledge and skill needed to use Bowen Therapy as a focus in your practice.

To acquire the designation of Certified Bowen Health Therapist©, or CBHT©, you need to complete of the courses listed below, as well as an enhanced practicum package which includes a combination of Internship, practicum, clinical and elective courses.

Note: Practical experience includes class time