7 Day TedX Life Mastery Retreat

We all know we are here for a reason, but we don’t really always know our purpose. Understanding why you should deliver a Ted Talk and what it takes before you can even apply for a Ted talk will stretch your understanding and reveal the true purpose of your life story.

You might be attracted because it will stretch your personal growth muscles, raise your game or tick it off your bucket list.

You might be wanting to increase your credibility and get recognition to share a message this world needs. Or you may be looking for the exposure of a platform with a billion views online.

Our unique Crack the Ted Code– 7 steps to TED talk mastery retreat will help you know what you already have and what you need to explore further.

We are not doing this in an intensive workshop in a class room. Deep work like this needs total immersion in a retreat environment. Take the time to retreat into your life story and find the true purpose you are here to share on the TED stage!


Some of you might be saying, “I don’t know what my story is”.
Some of you know your story but might feel overwhelmed by the COURAGE it would need to take the TED platform of a billion views on their channel in 100 languages around the world.
Some of you have too many stories to share and need to understand which one to focus on or what the through line of your story is.
Some of you just don’t know where to get started or what makes for a great TED talk.
We will step you through our 7 step process to TEDx Life Mastery in 7 days.

When the going gets tough we’ll break for a dip in the ocean or an excursion to the sacred Mayan Cenote pools.

  • You will understand Your Idea is worth sharing
  • Discover your thru-line in your story
  • Strip down your story to the core essentials
  • Deliver the talk of your life
  • You will walk out with clarity on your real story. Your true message- the one that makes sense of your whole life.
  • You will challenge yourself and gain life altering insights
  • You’ll feel more aligned with what brings you passion
  • You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose…..and that is awesome for personal growth
  • And you will Learn to stand in your vulnerability and power

All in a beautiful retreat environment with ancient tools and traditions to help you delve deeper into your story and retreat into your life meaning.

Look what happened to Brene Brown. Her Tedx talk changed her life. Her Tedx presentation has been viewed 11 million times. One of the viewers ONLINE was Oprah. Oprah was deeply touched by her talk about vulnerability and invited her on her TV show. She is now teaching online courses with Oprah and recognized as one of her regular co-hosts on the show. This has sky rocked her game, given her a NY Bestselling book AND accelerated HER WEALTH and recognition.

The truth is that, as you know, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

A Ted talk creates the most powerful connection to the people you are wanting to help.

A Ted talk has more power to catapult you to the people you are meant to serve than what traditional ad costs or facebook marketing can achieve.

And let’s face it, it feels far more rewarding to reach people through sharing your story than any other way.

So what are you waiting for? Imagine yourself in this beautiful environment to give yourself the time you deserve to reflect on your life, your purpose and the true gift you are to the world.

Julie and Manon are so excited and committed that you join us that we would like you to join us on our one hour 7 Step Mastery Webinar so we can share our TEDx formula.


Your Facilitators

Julie Salisbury

Julie Salisbury is the Founder of Influence Publishing Inc and Creator and Facilitator of the InspireABook program, a sister company to Influence Publishing. Most of the authors that have been published by Influence Publishing have been coached through InspireAbook. Influence Publishing Inc has published over 100 books and made the majority of them Best Sellers. She gave her TEDx speech on the Gift of Dyslexia in Vancouver B.C.

If you would like to know why Julie founded Influence Publishing and InspireABook read HERE.

Julie has published the second updated edition of her book, Around the World in Seven Years: A Life Changing Journey

Working with Dr Manon five years ago to publish the book “What Patients don’t say if Doctors don’t ask” led to a realization about her own personal story and the deep meaning she had given it. Dr Manon helped her discover that her gift of Dyslexia was the reason she had excelled at making over 100 authors she published become Amazon Best sellers. Understanding her story to this level led to her being picked to be one of 10 speakers on the TED stage in Vancouver from 250 applications. Since the TED talk, Julie has connected with many other famous Ted speakers like Richard Branson and continues to build her powerful network. Through her TEDx network she is positioned to not only help other speakers understand what is needed to become a TEDx speaker, but assist with the application process and make the connections to the TEDx management teams.

Watch Julie’s TEDx Talk HERE


Dr Manon Bolliger

Dr. Manon Bolliger is the founder of Bowen College, retired lawyer and ND. During the past 25 years, Dr. Bolliger has treated thousands of patients, serving as department head at the Boucher College of Naturopathic Medicine since 2003 and teaching more than 1200 professional health care practitioners, including NDs, MDs, psychologists, Nurses, Homeopaths, RMTs, Chiropractors, Doctors of Osteopathy and many practitioners in the healing arts. She has been a keynote speaker at many health conferences including the World Health Conference in Paris in 2014, EWomen Network Dallas conference 2015 and SA at the Money, Wealth, Business conference in 2017. She is a popular guest on TV health shows and has appeared on CTV, ABC and NBC to name a few.

A collaborative doctor-patient relationship is key to her healing approach as a Naturopathic Physician, classical Homeopath and BowenFirst™ therapist. She helps each person understand the vital role they play in their own unique healing process so they can go beyond the diagnosis and understand how the body is communicating the emotional dis-ease in their life. Dr. Bolliger’s unique L.I.S.T.E.N methodology fosters a deep dive and reflection upon our purpose, our true self, and what gifts we are here to embrace. In her collaborative work on Ted talks, she gets to the root of the unique message our life has been created to share and helps people embody their real story.

Our skills combined help YOU create the most powerful TED talk