Welcome to Bowen College

We are an International school made up of the most dedicated Bowen Practitioners in the world. Bowen College is the only training school for Bowen Therapy in North America that has an independent accreditation from the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners and Bowen Therapists Professional Association (BTPA). Offering Bowen Therapy certification and instruction across Canada and in several countries around the world, Bowen College is your key to unlocking a new healing modality.

What makes us different?

Obtain certification close to home

Category ‘A’ Continuing Education Credits (CE)

Flexible and customized class schedules

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Students who registered for CBHT Professional Program are welcome to take the program as many times as necessary to master their skills at no extra cost.

Our Mission

We are igniting transformational shifts in perception, aligning health and global consciousness, while empowering health care practitioners to become leaders in society.

Bowen College nurtures an environment in which health care practitioners and healers create the context that allows profound healing to take place starting with our body-mind and its innate wisdom because how we live IS how we heal. We foster a culture of curiosity and transformation with self-care, abundance and contribution to community.

Bowen College was founded on the principle of delivering excellence in holistic training and education. The College is led by the teachings of the founder and President, Dr. Manon Bolliger who is an expert in body-mind integrated therapy.

Bowen College has advanced its training platform by inviting the top Bowen practitioners and instructors, from around the world, to share their knowledge and expertise. Our vision of Bowen training, throughout North America and Internationally, reflects both efforts in standardization and in individualization of treatments for the client. At Bowen College we don’t train our students to become technicians, we train them to become therapists in the Art and Science of Bowen Therapy.

Our Vancouver and global campus

Study can be at our Vancouver campus or anywhere in the world where we have instructors.

We offer the most comprehensive list of ongoing, exciting graduate study courses for our Registered Bowen Health Therapists

Courses range from ‘in-person’ training, e-campus online and practicum studies.

We offer Continuing Education Credits

Bringing knowledge to you from around the globe

The International school made up of some if the most dedicated Bowen Practitioners in the world. Bowen College is the only training school for Bowen Therapy in the UK and North America that has an independent accreditation from the Canadian Board of Healthcare Practitioners (for Canada) and (in process at this time)  Bowen Therapists Professional Association (BTPA) and Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)  accreditation in the United Kingdom. Offering Bowen Therapy certification and instruction across the UK, Canada and in several countries around the world, Bowen College is your key to unlocking a new healing modality.

Bowen College’s Founder

With a deep personal connection to health advocacy, Dr Manon Bolliger is a dedicated proponent of patient consciousness in the healing process. Devoted to a healing movement that emphasizes listening to our symptoms rather than trying to cover them up, she helps her patients and students understand the vital role they have to play in their own unique healing process.

Dr. Bolliger propels this vision through her work as a naturopathic doctor and esteemed homeopath, author, founder of Bowen College, and director of Cornerstone Health Centre. Her passion for motivating students, patients, and health care professionals alike has made her a sought after educator, thought leader, visionary and healing expert. Dr. Bolliger helps patients discover that freedom is health – on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. From rural farmers in Nova Scotia, Corporate CEO’s in Toronto and Tri-Athletes in BC, Dr. Bolliger’s expertise has guided thousands of patients and helped them learn how to listen to their bodies and heal. Dr. Bolliger’s training in Bowen began in 1992.

Inspired by the endless possibilities inherent in this dynamic and evolving technique, by 1997 she had become one of the most experienced and recognized instructors of Bowen Technique in Canada and the world. The Bowen College was the first Canadian College of its kind, founded by Dr. Bolliger to embrace the legacy of Tom Bowen and incorporate her years of experience and expertise into programs that educate practitioners and patients from all walks of life, on how to bring effective, pain-free healing to their patients, clients, friends, family and loved ones.

Bowen College is home to BowenFirst™ Therapy, an approach to Bowen that Dr. Bolliger developed in her years of experience, teaching, training and practicing as a naturopathic doctor. BowenFirst™ Therapy incorporates and is consistent with, current research on mind-body integration that educates her students on a more holistic and advanced level of practice and care.

As founder of Bowen College, Dr. Bolliger has taught thousands of professional health care practitioners, including doctors, psychologists, nurses, homeopaths, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and many other practitioners in the healing arts, how to bring effective, pain-free healing to their patients with BowenFirst™Therapy.

As an educator and mentor she has found that practitioners and patients are seeking a deeper level of healing. In 2016 she is suspending her practice in order to focus her attention on bringing BowenFirst™ Therapy to the world, and raising patient and practitioner consciousness to embrace a new paradigm of healing – that healing starts with you.