Case Study, Integration & Exam




Basic Bowen Protocols
Anatomy and Physiology
E-Functional Muscle Anatomy                           Functional Palpation                                                      Lower Body Protocols                                                   Upper Body Protocols                        


1 DAY in class - Case Study, Integration & Exam


COST: Case Study, Integration & Exam$497(usd)


This course reviews both Basic Lower and Upper Body Protocols (Courses 101 and 102) and Autonomic Integration Moves. It is very popular with all level of participants; whether refreshing their skills or for those continuing with qualification and to review their skill and prepare them for their practicums and final exam.

Along with a thorough review, individual Case Studies are covered which highlight case management practices and strategies. With this extra instruction, students integrate the Bowen technique at a deeper and more practical level to establish different treatment plans for their clients’ continued care. This course also serves as a review for questions regarding refining specific protocols, techniques or managing case studies. Emphasis is focused on case management and order of protocols, number of protocols used and when. Students are encouraged to bring their own case studies for peer review, discussion and support.



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