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Certified Bowen Health Therapist (CBHT)

The CBHT program qualifies you to become a Bowen Health Therapist and to work as a professional practitioner. This practical and holistic training helps you build your practice, if you are an established Health Care Professional, or act as the first step on you path as a professional in the Healing Sciences. Understanding the context for healing, incorporating a broader perspective on health as well as a true understanding of how the body heals, gives you a holistic framework to achieve the best results for your patients. 


This is usually taken as a HEALING ACCELERATOR WORKSHOP designed to deliver coursework efficiently, and allowing flexibility for those who already have healing practices. It is followed by a practicum, review, testing and certification. The student will have access to the live training at no extra charge until they qualify for the evaluation process.  Beginning with our BowenFirst™training, this program includes Bowen protocols and courses in Nutrition and Meridian Connections. As well, unique to Bowen College, this program prepares you for the day to day operation of a professional Bowen practice, from both the business and patient care perspective.

  • Intensive in-class study, with hands-on Bowen training to be taken as often as required.
  • Unlimited access to the upcoming Healing Accelerator Workshop.  
  • 50 hours of Practical Experience including practicums, supervised sessions and internships.

NOTE: You must complete all the prerequisites to qualify for this CBHT program.  And you must complete all the course and practical experience requirements, a review and exam, in order to be certified.

The Complete CBHT Program with the prerequisites are regularly $5000 however we are offering the prerequisites a value of $1500.00 at  the discounted price of $747.00 which can be applied to the overall program cost! See details below.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed equivalent course work to these prerequisites, at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program.  (Valued at $1600.00) Contact us for details at [email protected]llege.com 


The Complete CBHT Program for Professsionals


TOTAL COST: $3500*

*Certification courses can also be completed over time in our 'flex-time' format, using a 'pay as you go' plan. All prices are in USD. 

** Review and Exams are  included in tuition costs of CBHP complete program.