Lower Body Protocols


Undergraduate (offered as part of the Healing Accelerator Workshop)


Basic Bowen Protocols
Anatomy and Physiology
E-Functional Muscle Anatomy
Functional Palpation 


3 DAYS in class, hands on instruction

21 CEU hours

Participants on their way to becoming Bowen Therapists learn a powerful system to integrate and balance the body. This Basic Lower Body Protocols course will assist in addressing a broad range of structural symptoms including back pain, hip and knee pain and much more. This Autonomic Body Balancing System also facilitates stress relief and relaxation. This course concentrates on the fundamental Bowen protocols that address many concerns associated with the lower body. In this 3 day course you will learn protocols for:

  • Plantar Fasciitis Protocol
  • Hammer Toes Protocol
  • Elbow Protocol
  • Bunion Protocol
  • Kidney Protocol
  • Adductor Protocol
  • Sacral Protocol
  • Perineal Protocol
  • Coccyx Protocol
  • Gluteus Maximum Spasm Protocol
  • Lower back  Protocol
  • Torso Protocol
  • Cervical Protocol
  • Hamstring Protocol
  • Knee Protocol
  • Accessory Biceps Femoris Protocol
  • Bursitis Protocol
  • Ankle Protocol
  • Infertility Protocol
  • Enuresis Protocol


*PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed equivalent courses at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program.