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Toronto, ON
Smart Bowen®
$467.00 (USD)

  • Toronto Estonian House 958 Broadview Avenue Toronto, ON, M4K 2R6 Canada (map)

SMART BOWEN® therapy is a skilful and advanced interpretation of the late Tom Bowen’s (1916 – 1982) intriguing healing work. SMART BOWEN® therapy when applied to people, horses, and other animals initiates the body’s natural healing responses, enabling many rapid positive responses to the treatment. In this course you will learn specific moves and sequences to address stubborn or difficult to resolve problems in the neck, shoulders, arms and lower back. Just as importantly, you will learn a whole to new way to assess and treat these problems, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of your clinical practice.

Smart Bowen is an interpretation of Bowen which draws heavily on myofascial trigger point theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture concepts. In previous modules taught in Canada, we have covered the “Standard” Procedures in Smart Bowen, Lymphatic Stimulation and new moves. This module of Smart Bowen will cover our most clinically useful work, namely the upper back, shoulders and neck and the lower back.  

At the end of this module students will be familiar with the current understandings of trigger points and their effect on the human body, and be able to apply Bowen moves in a way that address myofascial dysfunction as expressed in these trigger points. They will also understand and aware of particular acupuncture points and meridians and their role in myofascial dysfunction.