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Welcome to the Bowen College offering training in Bowen Therapy worldwide. We a re excited to have you join the Bowen Community as a first time practitioner or a practitioner looking to add this powerful skill to their tool belt. The following is a downloadable pdf for new students which we have created for you so that you can track your progress towards the goal you wish to achieve with Bowen. Whether you are new to body work or are familiar in  the healing arts, looking to make a career change or just add a new skill to your everyday life we have a course for you.


New Student Prospectus  

Download the student prospectus for Bowen College and decide on the path you want to take in your education!


Downloadable pdf HERE

All students need to fill out the Application form so you can be registered in a workshop.

Online Application form  HERE


Experienced Practitioners Start Here!

As a practitioner that has taken previous courses and training in Anatomy and Physiology such as RMT's, Practical Nurses, ND's, Dentist's to name a few you are able to start your Bowen training right away. This powerful healing tool is applicable to other forms of healing and is incredibly easy and gentle to apply. If you have patients with chronic and acute pain and disorders this is the workshop for you. Your patients will thank you!

If your goal is to become a Certified Bowen Health Therapist  go HERE

To see the upcoming workshops in your area please go HERE


New Practitioners Start Here!

New to the Healing Arts? Never taken an Anatomy and Physiology course before? Looking for a change in your career? We can help you with that! Bowen College offers online prerequisite training that allows  you to work and study at your own pace. Created for the working adult, retiree, traveler and new student these online courses are designed to focus on what you will need to be completely trained in Bowen. Offered in a complete package to work on individually or all together we have added the Reboot Your Body Online course which allows you to learn the basic protocols in Bowen training while completing the online prerequisites. This means that while you study the fundamentals in Anatomy you are able to practice the basic moves on your friends and family.  This way you can stay motivated in your calling and become the best practitioner you can be.  If your goal is to become a practicing Certified Bowen Health Therapist and wish to complete the entire program series I recommend the program package which includes all the prerequisites as well as the Workshop and Review and Certification.  

The CBHT Program is a graduate level program HERE

Learn more about the Reboot Your Body home study program



Interested in Bowen for Friends and Family?

Looking for something you can apply for friends and family? Something simple and gentle yet powerful in healing? We offer a Reboot Your Body basic protocol online course designed for the individual looking to add a skill to their lives to help a friend or a  family member by alleviating their pain and regain their wellness. Gentle enough for infants, children and seniors.

To find out more about the Home Study Program Go HERE

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