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Healing is in Your Hands.  

Skills for Real Life.

New to Healthcare & Bodywork? Looking to become a Bowen Health Therapist?

 New to the Healing Arts? Never taken an Anatomy and Physiology course before? Looking for a change in your career? We can help you with that! Bowen College offers online prerequisite training that allows  you to work and study at your own pace.

Designed and created for the working adult, retiree, traveler and continuing education student, these  courses  focus on the foundations for Bowen and will give you what you will need to be the best  practitioner you can in Bowen Therapy.   If your goal is to become a practicing Certified Bowen Health Therapist and you wish to complete the entire program series, the complete CBHT program package  includes all the prerequisites as well as the Healing Acclerator Workshop and Review, Integration  and Certification with so much more! Follow the link to learn more.  

Are you a Professional looking to become a Bowen Health Therapist? 

Looking to expand or make a  change in your career? We can help you with that! Bowen College offers continuing education credits for practicing professionals. This  training allows  you to continue working and applying what you have learned into your everyday practice without  a huge sacrifice on your time.

As a practitioner that has taken previous courses and training in Anatomy and Physiology such as RMT's, Practical Nurses, ND's, Dentist's to name a few, you are able to start your Bowen training right away! This powerful healing tool is applicable to other forms of healing and is incredibly easy and gentle to apply. If you have patients with chronic and acute pain and disorders this is the workshop for you. Your patients will thank you! Follow the link  to learn more.