From Pain To Play - Overcoming Arthritis Naturally

P.L.A.y. with Dr. Manon Bolliger

In this 4 part series, Dr. Manon will share with you everything you need to know about arthritis, why you get it, what happens to your body and what approaches you can take to address it.

She will explore all the options you have so that you can make the ultimate decision based on the steps you decide to take on your core health values. This is often not talked about, but by the end of the program, you will understand that how you live is how you heal. You will feel so committed to the decision you make and have the confidence and the willpower to make all the necessary changes, that you won’t even recognize how courageous you have actually been.

Dr. Manon will show you how you can change your habits from pill popping to working with your body. Health is a life long journey, not just a trip to the doctor’s.

So click below to start healing...

  Price: USD $397.00

   100% money back guarantee


Dr. Bolliger stopped the pain, for good - Doris Kiernan, Vancouver

I recommend Manon 100% - Tanja Christen

I have recommended Dr. Bolliger to many of my friends and they are all most impressed with the results that they experience - Angelika Tishler

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