How to Release Stress 
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Who can you count on in the current crisis?

Only person you can count on is YOU (& your family)!

Your body is Stressed, whether you know it or not.


Time to take ownership of your health


If not this crisis, in which crisis will you learn to Reboot Your Immune System, get the sleep you need & start taking charge of your health

When you cannot go out to get the healthcare you need, it is time to learn to do it yourself!

So simple even your partner or children can do it with you.

Join us starting July 14th, 2020 for our LIVE online training to discuss the benefits of Bowen Therapy in your practice and how you can Reboot Your Body naturally by better understanding the breadth & depth of this healing system.

1 hr 15 mins starting 11 am PST for 6 weeks


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* Approved for 7CEs by NCBTMB and CEBHCP. If you are looking for CEs represented by another board, be sure to check with them to see if this course qualifies. 

Our body is programmed to heal.

This 6-part online training is hosted by Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND and she will be joined by other practitioners who have benefited through this work.

Discover the Fascia; the biological internet of connectivity…

  • Fascia which is the connective tissue below the skin which surrounds all our organs and muscles from head to toe. Fascia has its own nervous and electrical components which create instant communication.
  • It’s like a Biological internet of connectivity. It circulates biological, chemical, and emotional information throughout the entire body so that our body can repair.
  • The body never lies, in fact it catalogues traumas. Every fight-flight-freeze-and-faint reaction, as well as the swirl of emotions that accompany it, is stored in the fascia.
  • Fascia has largely been ignored by conventional medicine, doctors and by us, custodians of our own bodies.

And THIS is what has got to change if we are truly aspiring to merge the mind and the body in our healing journey.

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Dr Manon Bolliger, ND is Best selling author of  “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: the mindful Doctors Patient relationship”, she is currently writing a book based on her LISTEN: The intelligent Healing System called ‘Your Body is Speaking – Are You Listening?”

Dr. Bolliger is a Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician since 1992, founder and CEO of Bowen College, host of the Healer’s Café as well as her own TV channel “Pain Relief with BowenFirst™ Therapy. Her TEDx talk has currently been rescheduled to September. She is blessed with 3 inspiring adult children and a loving life partner. For more information, go to