L.I.S.T.E.N: The Intelligent Healing Program

The LISTEN program is a framework for adjusting your mindset for health

Dr. Manon Bolliger developed the LISTEN framework to help patients, their families, and healthcare practitioners reimagine the healing process.

From an early age, we’re ingrained with harmful beliefs like “no pain, no gain.”

Through a series of audio lectures and worksheets, you’ll use the LISTEN framework to explore your emotions and thoughts.

Whether you’re on a personal journey or trying to cope with a loved one’s struggles, LISTEN is a way to adjust your mindset and find healing.

By understanding core values in your health and the use of metaphors, LISTEN will teach you to trust yourself as the navigator on your health journey.

Challenge assumptions and overcome roadblocks that don’t serve you. Let’s deconstruct ingrained assumptions so we can optimize the healing process.

Cost: $997

Think different, heal better. Sign up now for the LISTEN program to find your life of abundance and health.

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