0-2 years
2-5 years
10-20 yrs
0-20 clients / week
20-40 clients / week
40-60 clients / week
60+ clients / week
10-30K more than I am making now
20-40K more than I am making now
30-50K more than I am making now
I value my personal growth and think it is important
I am new to the holistic world and am looking at skills I can implement relatively quickly
I have always been interested in learning alternative forms of healing to help others.
I mostly want to help friends and family
I want to experience what Bowen Therapy can do for me in my own health journey
I want to build a thriving practice with many clients so I can make a difference in my community
I want to add another modality to my clinic so I can reach a broader client base
I love that this training school offers all the support a therapist needs including business and community
I want an effective pain elimination method that is easy on the client and can be used for everyone
I run a successful clinic but know there is more I can add to my practice to help others
I want to travel with Bowen Therapy to second/third world areas of the world to share and help other
I identify as a healer and a passionate health advocate
I am looking to possibly be a practitioner in the future
I want to be known for being as effective at eliminating pain and making a difference as other success
I am ready to begin my journey to be a practitioner in Bowen Therapy today!
I don't have time to dedicate to studying
I don't have the finances to start today
I don't have the support at home and am worried I won't be able to do it
I don't have the confidence to take the next step
I don't have anything holding me back
I've received a treatment and have discovered Bowen is something I consider part of my true calling
I've done my research and I'm ready to start now I just want to know the difference between training facilities
I'm an already practicing health professional and want to add Bowen Therapy to my repertoire
I'm interested in becoming a Bowen Therapist but not sure if I'm a good fit
I'm interested in knowing how to help a family member/friend
Yes Financial Responsible