Do you want to increase your revenue and the impact you’re having on your clients without working more or going into the office? 



Dear Help-preneurs, Coaches, Healers, Practitioners, Therapists and Service-based Entrepreneurs.


I know your secret thoughts… because I’ve had them all.  As a therapist, practitioner and coach for the past 30 years. I have known what it’s like to struggle to get clients. I’ve known what it’s like to have plenty of clients and being bound to an office. I’ve known what it’s like to want to have a bigger impact on the world, but not have the leads or enough clients to do that.


I’ve also known what it’s like to figure out how to make more money, have a bigger impact and work less.


So, I’m sure you’re thinking –  


How can I get a break from the nonstop work that I’m doing?  I know that so many of you are great at what you do, but you need to be able to monetize what you do so you can make a real living.


You might be thinking- how do other solo practitioners make this happen without graduating from business school or spending 80% of their time on marketing?


You know that you are highly qualified and deserve to retire well and yet your business plan likely doesn’t have a sustainable exit strategy?


You find yourself repeating, basically teaching people the same thing and you know that you could expand beyond one to one work and help more people but…you are so resistant and confused with marketing that you don’t know where to start?


You might have made an enemy out of technology and have come to believe that if only you could resolve that issue, everything would be ok?


I know your heart because we share the same passions.

• We love to help people

• We love to heal people and we’re not very techie

• We’re not online-sophisticated.

• And we just want to know how we can do this with ease to reach more people.


So if any of this relates to you, please keep reading because I’ve made this easy for you because it wasn’t easy for me.



So I have decided to make this easy for you. My team and I created

The Integrated Marketing Navigation System



Holistic health requires a deep understanding of the whole body.  Everything is connected. 

The same is true for holistic marketing.


With an Integrated Navigation System, you can tailor the system to your life, your goals and your dreams. You can quickly and easily:  

  • fiber_manual_recordPinpoint where you are in your marketing journey
  • fiber_manual_recordIdentify your existing strengths and specific areas to develop 
  • fiber_manual_recordDeep dive into the specific tasks that you need to complete now
In a fully supported Mastermind with coaches ready to assist you along your path, you’ll be able to have the knowledge at hand to make informed decisions. You’ll be prepared to fully dive into your unique direction and you won’t get confused with wasting time implementing trainings that you don’t need at this time.
You can now make long-term and short term plans. You can prioritize and get the business and technical support to implement your action plan.




You are not alone. There’s a whole bunch of us, just like you, just like me and I helped them figure it out too.

Dr. Nelly Naguib, ND
M.B.B.Ch (MD Egypt);  Certified Bowen Health Therapist CBHT DCHM

“Wide-Awake is a comprehensive business marketing program for any level from beginner to highly skilled professional . It is rare that you come across a standout program like this at such a reasonable price.

I recommend this program to any professional who wants to take his business to the next level.

This program is very defined, self explanatory and has the most up to date information you might ever need.

Dr. Manon is a well informed, warmhearted and excellent teacher who is unique and exceptional.

Thank you Dr. Manon for all your kindness, help and support. I feel blessed to be part of an ideal community of same minded people you are creating and I always feel safe when I express my weaknesses with you.

I look forward for the new me. Now, I know what I should do and I have already taken my next step for success.”

“Wide-Awake Marketing “Wide-Awake” is a comprehensive business marketing program for any level from beginner to highly skilled professional. It is rare that you come across a standout program like this at such a reasonable price.”


Lisa Brown, 
Bowen Therapist and Certified Reflexologist


Katharina Riedener-Brunner
Homeopath at Practice for Homeopath

I find this course extremely helpful in developing my marketing skills.  The calls with Dr. Manon are very helpful, encouraging and give so much valuable information and many great ideas.  I did a live video today.


What you will get from this course.

What we do for you:

  • check_circleA Visibility Assessment
  • check_circleA Digital audit
  • check_circleA Snapshot Report on your position
  • check_circleWe check your Business Listing – making sure your information is accurate and consistent across multiple platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp, +26 others
  • check_circleWe report back on your reputation – see what people are saying and how you stack up against your competition
  • check_circleWe will give head to head comparisons of how you rank against your competition, and industry through Social Media
  • check_circleWe provide you Website analysis – is your site mobile friendly? Does it load quickly? What can you fix to make the buyer experience better?
  • check_circleWe audit your Ads – are you connecting with the right audience, at the right time, or letting your customers steal customers from right under your nose?
  • check_circleWe provide a SEO analysis – after completing all of the elements above, are you using organic content and your expertise to drive qualified traffic to your website?
  • check_circleIf you have identified that the biggest problem is lurking in your Subconscious, we have a hypnotherapist that will uncover these pieces and start to free your from them.  This is your chance to put them behind you.
  • check_circleYou can copy and paste all types of Email Sequence
  • check_circleWe give you templates and systems for building your online funnel

What we teach you:

  • check_circleAn overview of the complete Marketing System
  • check_circleThe steps to transform your product or training into an Integrated System
  • check_circleHow to identify the core technology you need
  • check_circleHow to build a support team that helps you stay on track
  • check_circleHow to get a handle on the different types of Email Sequences
  • check_circleHow to use testing to build your “Evergreen System”
  • check_circleHow to create compelling copy and captivating design
  • check_circleHow to create your website, landing page and sales page
  • check_circleThe ins and outs of:
  • check_circleSocial Media: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • check_circleMultimedia: How to create Podcasts, Blogs and Video
  • check_circleInteractive Media: Run webinars, online summits and Facebook challenges
  • check_circleHow to design your signature speech and your Ted Talk
  • check_circleHow to collect payments
  • check_circleHow to organize  product launches

What we do with you:

  • check_circle Help you position yourself as an expert
  • check_circleIdentify your ideal client and their needs
  • check_circleCreate a powerful message that attracts your ideal clients
  • check_circlePackage, structure and monetize your work
  • check_circleHelp you understand how to brand yourself
  • check_circleCreate a  Lead Magnet
  • check_circleHow to save thousands of dollars on technology
  • check_circleSet up your appointment software
  • check_circleStrategize your landing page and sales page
  • check_circleStrategize your support team to help you stay on track
  • check_circleHelp you create different types of Email Sequences
  • check_circleCreate an action plan to promote your speaking, your events, and your programs
  • check_circleCreate opportunities for Joint Venture Partnerships


What you get is an easy and graceful introduction to getting online, more clients, more revenue, less work, and an exciting future.



How is this delivered?


You’ll receive 12 training modules plus:


+ 12 group strategy sessions

+ 6 group mindset sessions 

+ 6 group technology sessions

+ Videos and power points for every topic

+ Worksheets, checklists, activities and templates

+ An online community for networking and JV partnering


Quick Action BONUSES

 +  Bonus #1:

If learning how to write copy is the issue, I have added a whole training on this. 


My friend Kim has generously donated, her full training on how to write copy. Which you can then use for your email sequencing. What is really great about her program is that it is integrated directly into her delivery system.

+ Bonus #2:

If you need to start collecting reviews but your licensing bodies don’t allow testimonials, then I have a perfect 3rd party review system which also shares the reviews with a very wide community bringing you more referrals and more clients. 

+ Bonus #3:

For the first 100 who sign up or while there is still space, you will get a private consultation on technology, starting in the 2nd month.  




A Bit About Me…and why I am

passionate about sharing this with you.

Dr. Manon Bolliger is a Naturopathic Doctor, author, business and life coach, Law Graduate and the CEO and Founder of Bowen Colleges

I have a legal and a medical degree but what has fueled my passion is personal growth and removing the IM from Impossible. Or in health the IN from Incurable.

After running a successful practice for 25 years, I wanted to share a unique pain elimination methodology to the world because I realized if people could overcome their physical and mental pain naturally, they would experience empowerment and true agency over their lives.

So 10 years ago, I started down the marketing journey, and I have got to admit that although I had overcome several severe health challenges prior to the Marketing challenge, really getting my message out and daring to be seen, standing for the vision in others where they could not fully see for themselves, has led me to my deepest work yet, the deepest transformation I have done. 

It was time to build a truly integrated Marketing System– Just like holistic health looks at the person and body as a whole- Holistic Marketing is the whole Marketing Map- and not fragmented pieces.  This is why Wide-Awake Marketing is about being deeply conscious and owning up to our gifts and role as leaders.



 Meet Our Team



Doug Foley



Visibility Assessment – Digital audit & Snapshot Report

Doug is a Facebook and Ads specialist and helps small entrepreneurs become visible across multiple platforms. 



Teresa Martin


Technology Consultant

With a passion for systems, technology and a keen interested in the latest and greatest, Teresa has a wealth of knowledge that she can apply to every situation.

She is a straight shooter, hates complicating things and sees in one glance what needs to be done. And what is the icing on the cake is that she and her team just get it done.

Need I say anymore? Well maybe just that Teresa makes technology fun and accessible and she is pivotal to the success of our programs.


  • You’ll continue to work more hours, right?


  • You will continue to have great ideas but not put them into a program which reaches more people and which sell themselves, that clients can work through on  their own.


  • You will continue to be working harder, not smarter.


So why is this so important to me?


When I shifted all of this, my life shifted.

This is why I am passionate about sharing this with you.



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