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My experience with Bowen College thus far has been extraordinary. The level of support and encouragement has been outstanding and I love how easy it is to navigate the online courses. The Healing Accelerator Workshops are by far my favourite as Dr. Manon’s passion and experience inspires me to continue to learn and grow as a practitioner. Thank you!

~Stacy Sanchez

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Dear Prospective Student,  

Thank you for your interest in applying to Bowen College.  

Bowen College Inc. (BCI) is a leading institution in Canada for Bowen Therapy training, offering a range of educational programs for those passionate about natural health and wellness.  

To apply for admission to Bowen College, kindly fill out the online application. Please note that applications will only be reviewed once you have provided all the required information listed in the application.  

We reserve the right to decline admission to any applicant based on any aspect of the application process.  

For inquiries about our programs, services, policies, procedures, or the application process, please refer to our website or get in touch with our support team at your convenience. An admissions representative will reach out to you promptly.  

In health and joy,

 The Bowen College Team

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