Introduction to Healing What Is

Ready to Create a Life YOU Love & Deserve?


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Wednesday, December 15th

11am PST | 12noon MST | 2pm EST



We just have our wires crossed


We change… we do not not fix:

  • starDecisions/beliefs
  • starAssociations
  • starPerspective
  • starEmotions
  • starStrategy
  • starIdentity
  • starFamily
  • star



“When we don’t choose for ourselves, we are run by default patterns.”



In this training you can learn to:

Live your true nature and purpose

Live a life you love

Have health and vitality

Know you are the predominate creative force in your life.
(predominate, not only, creative force)


Free yourself of:

Judgments, beliefs and definitions of yourself, others and the world

Family history, trauma, beliefs….

Hidden agendas and secondary intentions

Silent instructions causing the self-sabotage patterns that play out in your life.



Learn how to:


Work with all the parts of you that desire to be expressed and/or healed.


Create true choices rather than trying to ‘fix’ something about yourself. You’re not broken!


Set-up a structure that flows instead of one that is stuck or oscillating.


Recognize your sabotage pattern(s) like:

  • starI’m not good enough
  • starI’m not worthy
  • starI’m not capable
  • starI’m insignificant
  • starI’m not perfect
  • starI don’t belong


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By participating in Healing What is & Creating the Life You Deserve, you will expand your experience with the L.I.S.T.E.N. Principles and REBOOT® Your Body.


It does not matter where you begin, support is there for you all along the way.



See what others say about Dr M…


Dr Manon’s comitment transcends the group. It feels like we are having a private session as she is always willing to take the time to properly answer question and to listen to the core of the issues.Also I wasn’t excepting so much impact on the way I view thing. This course gave me another perspective of life and on healing. It also makes the healing process more tangible and accessible ~ Guillota Ayivi ~


A reminder of how much self love and self care are critical to health and well-being also good to short circuit the negative to reprogram the positive. ~ Annonymous ~


Dr.M & Team have many useful tricks and methods used for alleviating stress which in turn helps heart health and the over all healing process ~ Lila Croft ~



New information and encouragement to Llsten to my body and not ignore what I am feeling! ~Annonomous ~


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Are You Ready to Create The Life You Deserve?


Sessions are held twice a month on Wednesdays 11am PST – beginning December 8th for Bonus Sessions


  All sessions will be recorded so you can re-listen and remember it does not replace actually being there!







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