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What Practitioners are saying:

 “Since working with you I feel like I have eyes in my fingers.  I thank you and my clients thank you!” ~ M.M.

 “By focusing on a result oriented and holistic perspective that engages the patient in the journey, I was able to build a successful business that is financially rewarding while helping people out of pain” ~ Chelsey O’Neil

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Disclaimer:  There is no specific income promised as it is dependent on what you are looking for in your practice.


For attending a webinar or Q&A:
To comply with the law and standards set out by governing boards no attending member can discuss specific treatments for conditions or disease in our online groups. Please request a medical professional for an appointment or reach out to find one in your area.  Communications in this group can discuss possible outcomes and case studies but must not include specifics of the client/patient which would allow for recognition of the person and thus a personal privacy violation.

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