Everything you need to know about building your Online 

Visibility to attract and nurture clients




You must have oodles of content that could benefit your client.

What if you knew how to create and use that content consistently and nurture your new online clients?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • check_circleHow do you transform your content into small sound bites that connect with the needs of your clients?
  • check_circleHow do you address the different levels of audience?
  • check_circleDo you have an Online content strategy to nurture your potential customers so that they can get to know, like and trust you?
  • check_circleHave you figured out what to post on your Facebook profile and on your page?
  • check_circleAre you aware that they are two different things?
  • check_circleAre all your social media platforms optimized?
  • check_circleDo you know on which social media platforms your clients spend most of their time?
  • check_circleDo you know how to set up distribution shortcuts?
  • check_circleDo you know how they like to consume information?
  • check_circleAre you comfortable with video?
  • check_circleWhat steps can you take to get more comfortable? Video is surpassing any medium as far as open rates.
  • check_circleDo you know how to convert one medium to another?
  • check_circleYou don’t want an advanced degree in marketing. You want an advanced degree in impact and you just need to learn some of the marketing too.



I created  “Found: Everything you need to know about building your Online Visibility to attract and nurture clients,” for those that understand that being visible in the marketplace requires some commitment because we are dealing with people. And people need to be nurtured.

You want to make sure that the people who come to see you are well informed, have learned to trust you and feel that you are committed to their well-being.

It is for those of you that understand that being online is being available to serve people.



 I can get a constant stream of new clients and have a thriving practice.

I can reach the people I can help that really need what I offer.

I can actually do what I love and have a better income and better lifestyle.


…I won’t have to become a tech wizard and sell my soul.



Everything you need to know about building your Online Visibility to attract and nurture clients



If you are serious about your practice and want to stay in business, you need to understand how to operate Online. I’m not saying you must learn this with me, but you must learn it.


In the Found Program you will:

  • forwardA clear strategy for your content
  • forwardOptimized Social Media Platforms
  • forwardAbility to repurpose content and distribute it
  • forwardReach more people you can help
  • forwardHave a system you can trust to keep your clinic booming
  • forwardMake more income delivering your knowledge
  • forwardA strategy so clients find you without you chasing them
  • forwardContinue to transform people’s lives, just more people


Module 1 – Let’s Get Rid of the Stinking Thinking


Module 2 – Your Ideal Client Module

     2.1 – Your Ideal Client Module

     2.2 – Understanding the Marketplace Module

     2.3 – Understanding Content Marketing

   Bonus: Interview with Dr Manon and Jill Lublin


Module 3 – Your Message

     Module 3 – Your Ideal Audience and Brand Story

   Bonus: Interview with Dr Manon and Amanda Baye

     Module 3.1 – Your Message


How To Set-up Your Social Medias

     Overview of Social Media

     Business Listing Template

     How To Set-up Facebook,

     Page and Group

   Bonus: Interview with Dr Manon and Alina Vincent

     How to Set-up YouTube

     How to Upload Videos to YouTube

     How To Set-up Twitter

   Bonus: Surprise Interview

     How to Set-up LinkedIn & Basics

   Bonus: Interview with Dr Manon and Christine Till

     Instagram Basics

   Bonus: Interview with Dr Manon and Suzanne Evans



Module 4 – Reverse Engineering Your Content




     How To Set-up Zoom

     How to Tag Your Videos

     How to do a Live Video on Facebook

     How to place podcasts and use Libsyn 

     How to use Canva and create images

     How to crop your pictures with Pixlr 

     How to use HootSuite

     How to set up for teleprompter

     How to get your audio transcribed with Temi Transcriber

     How to record a powerpoint

     How to edit video on imovies


Module 5 – Content Creation

     Module 5.1 How to audio hacks, google dictate, voice memo, audio-note

     Module 5.2 Interview with Dr. Manon and Michael McConkey Twitter for Research

     Module 5.3 – Content Creation Module 5.4 – Conclusion – Connect

What if you don’t take action?

If you don’t step into this, you will truly be invisible.

You may even need to close your doors.

Like so many amazing therapists that just can’t afford to stay open.

You might need a job, but that’s not the worst of it.

I know that being a business owner requires a shift from being a therapist.

Let me help you.

Let me be that bridge for you.


Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND 


Manon Bolliger is the founder & CEO of Bowen College. She’s helped health care practitioners, enthusiasts, coaches, from all over the world to build profitable practices using her unique methodology and marketing.

Disclaimer:  There is no specific income promised as it is dependent on what you are looking for in your practice.


For attending a webinar or Q&A:
To comply with the law and standards set out by governing boards no attending member can discuss specific treatments for conditions or disease in our online groups. Please request a medical professional for an appointment or reach out to find one in your area.  Communications in this group can discuss possible outcomes and case studies but must not include specifics of the client/patient which would allow for recognition of the person and thus a personal privacy violation.

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