Healing What Is &
Creating a Life You Deserve

Now that you have learnt to LISTEN to your body and you realize that it’s influenced by ALL aspects of your life, why not Create a Life YOU Deserve.


Are you wondering how you can have greater satisfaction in life?

Have more choice?

Learn how to consciously create all you want and more!


Are you feeling stagnant and just can’t seem to take your next step or you’re not sure what you even desire, or are just tired of your current circumstances and want a positive change?

This may be what you’re looking for!


I’ve expanded my toolbox with the Magnetic Mind training, to be able to provide you with tools to help you create wellness in ALL areas of your life. 




We need to know how to set up the correct structure and how to focus our energy/attention to create the change we desire!


We change… we do not not fix:

  • starDecisions/beliefs
  • starAssociations
  • starPerspective
  • starEmotions
  • starStrategy
  • starIdentity
  • starFamily


“When we don’t choose for ourselves, we are run by default patterns.”



In this training you can learn to:

Live your true nature and purpose

Live a life you love

Have health and vitality

Know you are the predominate creative force in your life.
(predominate, not only, creative force)


Free yourself of:

Judgments, beliefs and definitions of yourself, others and the world

Family history, trauma, beliefs….

Hidden agendas and secondary intentions

Silent instructions causing the self-sabotage patterns that play out in your life.



Learn how to:


Work with all the parts of you that desire to be expressed and/or healed.


Create true choices rather than trying to ‘fix’ something about yourself. You’re not broken!


Set-up a structure that flows instead of one that is stuck or oscillating.


Recognize your sabotage pattern(s) like:

  • starI’m not good enough
  • starI’m not worthy
  • starI’m not capable
  • starI’m insignificant
  • starI’m not perfect
  • starI don’t belong


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This includes:

  • forward90-min, twice a month sessions where you’ll receive information about consciously creating, support when feeling stuck and each week we recode (clear the resistance) blocks in your way to your 1-year target.
  • forwardA Healing What Is & Creating a Life You Deserve Workbook 



Let’s see where you are and where you want to be.

Come join us for a Bonus Sessions October 19th included with purchase of full program

By participating in Healing What is & Creating the Life You Deserve, you will expand your experience with the L.I.S.T.E.N. Principles and REBOOT® Your Body.


It does not matter where you begin, support is there for you all along the way.


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Are You Ready to Create The Life You Deserve?


Sessions are held twice a month on Wednesdays 11am PST – beginning December 8th for Bonus Sessions


  All sessions will be recorded so you can re-listen and remember it does not replace actually being there!







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