How to build a 6 figure practice as a health care practioner, relieve people from their pain and change their lives by incorprating a little known methodology.
(Even if you don’t have a practitioner experience or technical knowldge!)


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  • radio_button_checkedThe fastest and most effective way on the planet to generate a natural flow of patients that feel good and happy to send you referrals.
  • radio_button_checkedA proven engagement method that helps your patients spread the word about you and feel they are truly part of a bigger movement that is leveraging the body’s innate wisdom to heal instead of fighting it.
  • radio_button_checkedAND…how to do it ALL while you are on your mission to facilitate healing without getting overwhelmed and working way too hard.
  • radio_button_checkedAnd So Much More…

Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND retired 🙂

Manon Bolliger is the founder & CEO of Bowen College. She’s helped health care practitioners, enthusiasts, coaches, from all over the world to build profitable practices using her unique methodology and marketing.

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“Since attending the class I feel like I have eyes in my fingers. I thank you and my clients thank you!” ~  M.M
“By focusing on a result oriented and holistic perspective that engages the patient in the journey, I was able to build a successful business that is financially rewarding while helping people out of pain.” ~ Chelsea O’Neil
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Disclaimer:  There is no specific income promised as it is dependent on what you are looking for in your practice.

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