How Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Compassionate Leaders, and 

Advocates for Change in the Wellness Space, can 

Manifest True Leadership.


Can you relate to any of the following? 

You still aren’t offering a full integrative program for your patients.

When you make mindfulness recommendations, you suffer from Imposter syndrome.  

When you compare yourself to others, you have FOMO (the fear of missing out) because you know it’s your time to offer a program that helps patients deal with their daily life & stressors. 

You have the nagging feeling that you need to know more, do more, and be more, but you realize if you wait the opportunity will pass.

You feel that you are so close but just not close enough and therefore, not showing up with your biggest Self.

You want to reach more people with your expertise but are not online or tech savvy and don’t understand the specific tasks you need to complete to reach your target audience.


If so you are not alone.

Become a Wide Awake Leader TODAY!


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Wide Awake Leader is a program founded on the LISTEN Principles, allowing you to incorporate a mindfulness program into your practice in order to better the lives of your patients while becoming a Wide Awake Leader.    

This highly interactive 12-week program enables wellness leaders and entrepreneurs to offer a solution that helps clients/patients heal from past trauma and pain, so they can show up more fully in their life, without getting burnt out or overwhelmed.

Plus, you gain access to Wide Awake Marketing so you can prioritize your tasks and get the business and technical support to implement your individual action plan.


If you are a mission-driven leader such as a health-preneur/heart-centered 

entrepreneur and you are a compassionate leader in the wellness space who 

knows they can make a bigger impact

…and integrity is a big part of who you are and you are not willing to compromise your life, family, or lifestyle for your business.

Then Wide Awake Leader is the perfect opportunity for you to grow your health-preneur business and personal growth by providing your patients with your expertise and guidance.


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Hi, Manon Bolliger here.  

I’ve been where you are. Just over 20 years ago, despite being a retired Naturopathic Medical Doctor and the CEO of Bowen College where we train health care professionals in a natural pain elimination methodology,  I found myself in the oncology ward and the treatment protocol for stage 4 cancer in situ was a hysterectomy.

Nurses were hovering around me telling me that it was standard procedure, and as they reminded me that the surgery was a must as I had three children to live for so…I signed the document.

This was a turning point moment.

I made the decision to walk out of the oncology clinic, despite all the guilt and fear techniques because 

I knew how important it was to be aligned with my core values. 

It is what saved my life. I knew not to create CHAOTIC VIBRATION in my body. 

And I am here to tell the story….over 20 years later.

As a result, I found 6 core principles that not only helped me heal but as all healing is holistic – 

completely up-leveled my game. 

These principles are the missing link in the Mindset Industry and I am here to share them with you!

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By Joining Wide Awake Leader today…

you will enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • star12-week program to become a Wide Awake Leader
  • starAccess to Wide Awake Marketing which includes a DFY (done for you) funnel for your help-preneur marketing and so much more (see details below).
  • starHow to run group coaching training
  • starAccess to Manon’s own LISTEN coaching program (in case you want your own breakthrough)
  • starA done for you LISTEN Program (see details below).


Whether you are a holistic healer, practitioner, therapist, fitness pro, or any other healing professional, you will gain access to the best techniques, tools, and strategies and leave with a complete view of the next most essential steps you must take to establish your online credibility, your message, and how to package your expertise.

Work for more impact instead of simply working hard! 

You will be able to create more time for what matters most in your life…and help your clients live a happier and healthier life by reaching your goals of creating transformations for those you serve by sharing your expertise.


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What is included on 
your journey to become a
Wide Awake Leader?


Manon’s Exclusive LISTEN Program plus BONUS access to
Wide Awake Marketing.

TOTAL VALUE: $16,997

Limited Time Offer ONLY $4997*

See Details Below


LISTEN Program Details

Program Value: $1997


Often, our view of optimal health is categorized as being symptom free.

However, being symptom free does not equal optimal health as we are taught to mask our symptoms with medications and pain-pills.

Being healthy and discovering true optimal health begins with uncovering 

past traumas to both your body and mind.


The process of uncovering traumas you may not even be aware of and beginning to 

look for the meaning behind your symptoms, instead of masking them,

 begins with learning how to LISTEN to your body.

 Healing is a commitment, a journey, and as you begin to depart from the 

standard thinking of what optimal health is through the following 6 steps…

…you will more easily move from fear and confusion into an empowered new reality 

in the face of your own symptoms or disease.


Step 1:  “Love”


Chronic Pain, Illness, and Medical Diagnoses can set our minds on a path of resenting our bodies. You may look in the mirror and feel betrayed by your body as it aches or feel shame for not caring more for your body throughout the years.

You may also find your reactions to situations come from fear, anger, self-loathing, or confusion. 

By learning the emotional mastery behind LOVE, you will begin to approach all situations in a self-love manner.


Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover your obstacles to healing.
  • Understand what causes your stress and how to recognize it.
  • Understand how you can interpret your diagnosis another way.


Learning to LISTEN with LOVE is the first step to discovering the hidden meanings behind your well being and health.



Step 2:  “Inquiry”


To begin to fully understand our way of thinking when it comes to health and discover whether it is an inherited thought/belief or a core value, we must INQUIRE deeper. Rewriting your health story begins with a full understanding of your inner thoughts in order to use your values to benefit your health. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover how your thoughts and beliefs are contributing to your suffering.
  • Learn how to run an audit on your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Align your life with powerful values that best serve your whole being.



Step 3:  “Symptoms”


Symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you and to understand their meaning, you must LISTEN and learn to hear your body’s messages. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Identify why blaming your circumstances for your challenges increases your stress.
  • Use the “Sherlock Holmes” method to transform your symptoms into clues so that you can accelerate the healing process.
  • Get clarity around your current treatment choices and know what your next best steps are.


Step 4:  “Touch”


TOUCH is scientifically proven to speed healing, increase circulation, boost positive emotions, and is the key to trusting your body for true transformation. Your body stores memories both positive and negative. Discover the connection between your body and your mind to enhance your journey to optimal health.

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Learn how to undo patterns of pain… even if you’ve been suffering for decades.
  • Release trauma and energetic blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Discover how to literally put your body into ultra “healing mode” so that it does the work for you.


“I learned a lot about how my body communicates to me during this program. It taught me a lot about my core beliefs and values and it empowered me in new ways. The beauty of this program is in how it allows for our very individual healing processes in a way that we can take it as deep as we would like.”

Saphire Vanderlip, Norway

“I believe this program could help anyone to be empowered to create the life they want and give clear guidance to creating optimal health and passion. This program is certainly for those with symptoms but still extremely beneficial for those who yearn for a deeper understanding of themselves and what is holding them back from creating a life they love.”

~Katherine Giovando, Canada

“This is a great course for anyone interested in healing. The course was fun, educational and insightful. As a massage therapist-in-training, it is a whole new way of looking at the healing process. It is about taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, then with this perspective, focusing in on the actual issue.”

~Mike Burnett, Moncton, NB 


Step 5:  “Engage & Empower”


As you follow your path to LISTEN to your body, you must now ENGAGE your new-found information and EMPOWER yourself to better healing. 

Inside this powerful module, you will:

    • Eliminate any self-doubt or insecurities keeping you from appreciating your new vibrant and spacious life
    • Embrace the new possibilities that are available to you now that you feel fully connected, confident, and healthier than you have before…and never feel that you have to compromise what matters most to you ever again
    • Trust your body again and know that you are taking the right steps in Intelligent healing.



Step 6:  “Now”


After discovering the steps to LISTEN, you need actionable plans for the future to continue your journey to optimal health.

Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • Discover whether you are disconnected from your life purpose or spiritual path?
  • Understand how to address a deficient diet, inefficient movement, inadequate stress management.
  • Receive an action plan to implement as of NOW.


Hear the stories of REAL PEOPLE who have 

learned the POWER of LISTEN


Many people suffer from chronic pain, have been diagnosed with a disease, or have come to fear their body’s symptoms.

The beauty of our body is that all parts are connected. The power to heal is within you and it begins with learning how to LISTEN.

When you can trigger the body to relax and let go, profound change is possible. Give yourself an opportunity to go deeper and work with your body and your mind. Try something different. Something that gives you lasting empowerment and allows you to truly be the AUTHOR of your own destiny.

Please watch the video if you have not yet and learn to LISTEN to your body today.

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 30-Day Guarantee for “LISTEN Principles”

I believe in my programs. If you go through 30 days of the program, study each module, complete and submit the course work, and still don’t find this to be exactly what you need to better understand your health and how to make a positive impact in your patients’ lives, I will promptly and happily issue a full refund.


Your Investment Today

ONE Payment of $4997

OR 3 equal payments of $1750


Your Access To LISTEN includes:

  • check_circleExclusive 6 week LIVE Integration Calls

  • check_circle1-1, personalized attention with Manon around your biggest concern

  • check_circle6 instructional audios – with a step by step process  which you can incorporate easily including:

          * Guided exercises and worksheets for each module. 

          * Access to the recorded integration calls.

          * Complimentary information & resources.

          *  Watch as often as you please!

  • check_circle24/7 access to the members area to support your healing. 

  • check_circlePrivate Facebook Community support to inspire your every step.


6 Instructional Audios – with an easy to follow step-by-step process which you can incorporate easily into your daily life including:

  • radio_button_checkedGuided exercises and worksheets for each module. 
  • radio_button_checkedAccess to the recorded integration calls.
  • radio_button_checkedComplimentary information and resources. Watch them as often as you please!
  • radio_button_checked24/7 access to the members’ area to support your healing. 
  • radio_button_checkedPrivate Facebook Community support to inspire your every step.


By purchasing Wide Awake Leadership today and implementing 

the LISTEN Formula into your life, you can expect to 

discover how to eliminate chaos for optimal health!

PLUS be able to offer the LISTEN program to your patients to better guide them on their journey to wellness.


  • starYou will overcome your overwhelm and feel resourceful in minutes

  • starYou will gain confidence in your decisions and the path you have chosen

  • starTake back your focus and start feeling like you are moving ahead

  • starWake up joyful and excited in the morning

  • starDiscover how to switch your nervous system into healing mode

  • starAdvocate for your health and set yourself free

  • starTraining modules to implement LISTEN into your healing practice

*BONUS* Wide Awake Marketing Details

Program Value: $12,000

Holistic health requires a deep understanding of the whole body.

Everything is connected. 

The same is true for holistic marketing.



With an Integrated Navigation System, you can tailor the system to your life, your goals and your dreams. You can quickly and easily: 

Pinpoint where you are in your marketing journey

Identify your existing strengths and specific areas to develop

Deep dive into the specific tasks that you need to complete now



“Wide-Awake Marketing “Wide-Awake” is a comprehensive business marketing program for any level from beginner to highly skilled professional. It is rare that you come across a standout program like this at such a reasonable price.”


Lisa Brown, 

Bowen Therapist &
Certified Reflexologist


In a fully supported Mastermind with coaches ready to assist you along your path, you’ll be able to have the knowledge at hand to make informed decisions. You’ll be prepared to fully dive into your unique direction and you won’t get confused with wasting time implementing training that you don’t need at this time.


You can now make long-term and short term plans. You can prioritize and get the business and technical support to implement your action plan.

What you get is an easy and graceful introduction to getting online, more clients, more revenue, less work, and an exciting future.


Katharina Riedener-Brunner

Homeopath at Practice for Homeopath


“I find this course extremely helpful in developing my marketing skills.  The calls with Manon are very helpful, encouraging and give so much valuable information and many great ideas.  I did a live video today.”



Included in Wide Awake Marketing:


What we do for you:

  • check_circleA Visibility Assessment
  • check_circleA Digital audit
  • check_circleA Snapshot Report on your position
  • check_circleWe check your Business Listing – making sure your information is accurate and consistent across multiple platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp, +26 others
  • check_circleWe report back on your reputation – see what people are saying and how you stack up against your competition
  • check_circleWe will give head to head comparisons of how you rank against your competition, and industry through Social Media
  • check_circleWe provide you Website analysis – is your site mobile friendly? Does it load quickly? What can you fix to make the buyer experience better?
  • check_circleWe audit your Ads – are you connecting with the right audience, at the right time, or letting your customers steal customers from right under your nose?
  • check_circleWe provide a SEO analysis – after completing all of the elements above, are you using organic content and your expertise to drive qualified traffic to your website?
  • check_circleIf you have identified that the biggest problem is lurking in your Subconscious, we have a hypnotherapist that will uncover these pieces and start to free your from them.  This is your chance to put them behind you.
  • check_circleYou can copy and paste all types of Email Sequence
  • check_circleWe give you templates and systems for building your online funnel

What we teach you:

  • check_circleAn overview of the complete Marketing System
  • check_circleThe steps to transform your product or training into an Integrated System
  • check_circleHow to identify the core technology you need
  • check_circleHow to build a support team that helps you stay on track
  • check_circleHow to get a handle on the different types of Email Sequences
  • check_circleHow to use testing to build your “Evergreen System”
  • check_circleHow to create compelling copy and captivating design
  • check_circleHow to create your website, landing page and sales page
  • check_circleThe ins and outs of:
  • check_circleSocial Media: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • check_circleMultimedia: How to create Podcasts, Blogs and Video
  • check_circleInteractive Media: Run webinars, online summits and Facebook challenges
  • check_circleHow to design your signature speech and your Ted Talk
  • check_circleHow to collect payments
  • check_circleHow to organize  product launches

What we do with you:

  • check_circleHelp you position yourself as an expert
  • check_circleIdentify your ideal client and their needs
  • check_circleCreate a powerful message that attracts your ideal clients
  • check_circlePackage, structure and monetize your work
  • check_circleHelp you understand how to brand yourself
  • check_circleCreate a  Lead Magnet
  • check_circleHow to save thousands of dollars on technology
  • check_circleSet up your appointment software
  • check_circleStrategize your landing page and sales page
  • check_circleStrategize your support team to help you stay on track
  • check_circleHelp you create different types of Email Sequences
  • check_circleCreate an action plan to promote your speaking, your events, and your programs
  • check_circleCreate opportunities for Joint Venture Partnerships
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Your Investment Today

ONE Payment of $4997

or 3 equal payments of $1750


“Wide-Awake is a comprehensive business marketing program for any level from beginner to highly skilled professional . It is rare that you come across a standout program like this at such a reasonable price.

I recommend this program to any professional who wants to take his business to the next level.

This program is very defined, self explanatory and has the most up to date information you might ever need.

Manon is a well informed, warmhearted and excellent teacher who is unique and exceptional.

Dr. Nelly Naguib, ND

M.B.B.Ch (MD Egypt);  Certified Bowen Health Therapist CBHT DCHM


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why is this program ongoing?

There’s a big difference between covering up symptoms and permanent healing. It takes time for the mind and the body to adjust to this new reality. You will have full access to the program for those of you who want to apply everything right away BUT I will be available on an ongoing basis as lots happens through this process and our body has its own timing. During the transformation calls,we will be integrating the process step by step, adding more transformation exercises and process’ through these calls.


2.  How much time does this process take?

An insight that changes everything can happen within the first moments of the training. The point is that healing into awareness and greater consciousness requires personal observation. For some, it will go more quickly and for others, it will provoke more insight and more challenges. We all have our path. The more challenges and trauma’s you have had in your life, the faster this process goes.


3.  Is it complicated?

The body is not that complicated, but we tend to complicate the healing process. We are actually wired to heal and feel free in our bodies. You will learn to trust the process.


4.  Is it worth the investment?

If you are asking yourself this questions, let me just ask you this – “Are you worth investing in?”  If you tend to put others first and honour yourself “later”, what you have maybe not considered is the cost inaction.  What is it costing you in your life to play smaller than your full potential?


5.  Will I succeed?

The more you understand about health and healing, the more you set yourself up for success.  


6.  What if I don’t want to run this program myself?

We have JV options for your convenience if you do not wish to run the program yourself.


7.  Can I model this system and learn about group coaching without implementing this particular series?

Yes, we will build the funnel for your help-preneur business, a value of $10,000.


8.  When is the 3 Day event?

The 3 day event will be held July 22-24th through Zoom live coaching.

Preceded by 1 Foundation day – April 29th to look at your business and the 12 week pre-event coaching starting on May 12th which runs every second week.



Your body is speaking, are you listening?


Engage the innate healing powers of your body by learning how to LISTEN

Why put all your faith in someone else when you have the power inside to heal? 

The skills you will learn will apply to much more than health and it will change the quality of your life!

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