What people are saying about our teaching

We get so many testimonials, emails and letters telling us that Bowen and our teaching have played a part in changing their lives – as patients, students and practitioners. We’d like to think it is part of a healing movement.

And apparently you think so too!

What Students and Practitioners are saying


I enjoyed every minute of the class. The class size was perfect for really in depth moving. I cannot wait to practice what I have learned. Dr. Manon is amazing, passionate, fun, outgoing and highly intuitive.

Pamela Bahous  (Lower Body Protocols, Toronto, with Dr. Manon Bolliger.)


This is a great course for anyone interested in healing. The course was fun, educational and insightful. As a massage therapist-in-training, it is a whole new way of looking at the healing process. Bowen is about taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, then with this perspective, focusing in on the actual issue.

Mike Burnett   (Fast Track CBHT – Moncton, NB with Dr. Manon Bolliger)


Awesome. Dr. Manon is confident and easy to follow & understand. Based on the course content and skills learned in a very short time, this course has exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend this course to others. In depth information together with an intense hands-on-training has really helped me to understand the technique.

Stacey Kelly (Fast Track CBHT – Moncton, NB with Dr. Manon Bolliger)


Absolutely, I would recommend this course to others! Especially after taking the course 8-10 years ago, I would say that it is of great benefit and keeps me up to date.

I noticed the course materials to be of amazing quality with concise diagrams and aids to help understand the moves/protocols outside the classroom setting. As a student who takes this review after many years, it is great to see how far the course has evolved over time and how it integrates the moves via case study learning.

Take this course if you need a refresher or if you want to stay up to date with clinically relevant information from Dr. Manon’s professional practice. It is really a privilege to learn from someone who is dedicated to bringing this treatment modality up to speed with the times while allowing for the natural evolution of Tom Bowen’s work.

Bonnie Choing  (Review Class, Toronto, with Dr. Manon Bolliger)


The case stories Manon gave us enriched the learning experience. The protocols were straightforward and easy to learn. The course was comprehensive; it incorporated all the theory and practice necessary to build a foundation for practicing the Bowen technique. Manon has a true gift for sharing and describing the subtle nuances of the body in a way that is easy for a student to understand.

Manon has an innate intuitive healing ability that cannot be taught or learned in a book. She is able to share and transmit some of this ability, which is a powerful component of the Bowen technique.

Mel McLean


Manon’s patience and intuitive nature allowed for an amazing learning experience. Her positivity and reassurance inspired me to excel during the Bowen technique course. 

Jennifer Dyck


Manon’s extensive clinical experience using the Bowen technique allows for a learning experience that is rich, in-depth and comprehensive. She is tremendously generous with her clinical pearls so that all of her students can benefit from and be successful Bowen practitioners.

Miranda Demierre


Since attending the class I feel like I have eyes in my fingers.  I thank you and my clients thank you!   



Aside from being a valuable modality for any future practice this has been extraordinarily beneficial for improving my palpation skills.

Monique Hallee


Bowen is something you have to experience in order to understand the brilliance of it. We are missing out on something magical if we don’t at least give it a try.

Alice Fung



I have enjoyed doing the course and have gotten so much from the case studies I have done so far. Bowen Therapy is a profession where practitioners can be so relaxed and at peace while doing their job and feel great about quick results their patient can get from therapy.

Serena Broughton


Thanks, this course and Bowen are really great. I am so glad I signed up to take it.

Dr. Kim Masuch, ND


It’s (Bowen) gentle yet effective. I felt grounded and really relaxed after receiving the treatment. Would be an excellent and useful tool for ND’s. Small class, perfect instructors, clear demonstration, good pace to learn.

Dr. Frances Wand, ND


Love the way it was taught. We got to see it, experience it, do it, teach it. Following that, performing an entire treatment with the pauses really solidified our learning.

Dr. Kim Little, ND


I consider the Bowen Technique to be a blessing in my practice because of its simplicity, results and patient satisfaction.  

Audrey Butko M.D.

How Bowen Therapy Has Helped Many Practitioners of Different Backgrounds

 “Any modality that can help as dramatically as this one does, out to be more widely known and widely practiced.” 

Dr Gabor Maté

Canadian-Hungarian physician

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