For Practitioners

Learn the art and science of Bowen Therapy

Bowen College offers advanced training to practitioners—no matter where you are in the world.

Bowen College offers both fundamentals and advanced training on the Bowen Technique. Our standardized training helps you tailor your care on an individual level for each patient.

At Bowen, we don’t train you just to become a technician. You’re trained as a therapist in the art and science of Bowen Therapy.

The Bowen College Difference

Bowen is committed to your growth as a practitioner and the comfortable healing of your patients. Practitioners choose Bowen College not only for the curriculum, but also because:

Bowen College is the only accredited Bowen Therapy school in Canada. We are recognized by the CEBHCP and the NHPC.

You can get certified close to where you live.

We accept transfers from across the world.

We offer course options for you to explore the fundamental basics of the Bowen Technique.

We offer Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Class schedules are flexible.

Payment plans help you fund your education in a way that’s most convenient for your family.

Bowen College conducts cutting-edge research into the field of pain management.

Students experience practical, hands-on training.

Be recognized globally with our curriculum. You can take your practice anywhere in the world, thanks to our affiliations with insurance providers.

“Bowen Therapy is a profession where practitioners can be so relaxed and at peace while doing their job and feel great about quick results their patient can get from therapy.”

Serena Broughton

Get certified

Through Bowen College, you can become certified to practice the Bowen Technique at your practice. This new healing modality is available in the UK, Canada and other countries around the world.

Heal your patients’ pain. Learn about our training and enroll in Bowen College.

Transfer to Bowen College

 Bowen College welcomes practitioners and healers from across the world. To transfer, you will need attendance or equivalence of the following:


Healing Accelerator Workshop: you will need to take this course independent of any previous training.


Review, Integration, and Exam: This can be taken at the same time as the Healing Accelerator workshop. You will be asked to complete the practical assessment and exam. You will need to complete this assessment independent of any previous training.


Meridian Medicine: Equivalency can be reviewed for acceptance.


Nutrition and Bowen: Equivalency can be reviewed for acceptance.


Six case studies: Must be completed independently of any previous training. These can be done with new cases, or if you have prior cases to upload onto your course website.

Contact us now to learn about how you can transfer to Bowen College.

Host a workshop


Bring Bowen College to your facility. Learn this holistic healing modality in a more affordable, convenient way. Learn how we can come to your practice for workshops.

Relieve your patients’ pain faster and build a successful practice with BowenFirst Therapy.

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