Meet the Founder

Manon Bolliger (De-registered naturopath with 30+ years of experience) aka Dr M.  With a deep personal connection to health advocacy, Manon is a dedicated proponent of patient consciousness in the healing process. Devoted to a healing movement  that emphasizes listening to our symptoms rather than trying to cover them up, she helps her patients and students understand the vital role they have to play in their own unique healing process. Manon propels this vision through her work as a naturopathic doctor and esteemed homeopath, author, founder of Bowen College, and director of Cornerstone Health Centre. Her passion for motivating students, patients, and health care professionals alike has made her a sought after educator, thought leader, visionary and healing expert.

Manon Bolliger helps patients discover that freedom is health – on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. From rural farmers in Nova Scotia,   Corporate CEO’s in Toronto and Tri-Athletes in BC, Manon’s expertise has guided thousands of patients and helped them learn how to listen to their bodies and heal.

Manon’s training in Bowen began in 1992. Inspired by the endless possibilities inherent in this dynamic and evolving technique, by 1997 she had become one of the most experienced and recognized instructors of Bowen Technique in Canada and the world. The Bowen College was the first Canadian College of its kind, founded by Manon to embrace the legacy of Tom Bowen and incorporate her years of experience and expertise into programs that educate practitioners and patients from all walks of life, on how to bring effective, pain-free healing to their patients, clients, friends, family and loved ones. Bowen College is home to BowenFirst™ Therapy, an approach to Bowen that Dr. Bolliger developed in her years of experience, teaching, training and practicing as a naturopathic doctor. BowenFirst™ Therapy incorporates, and is consistent with, current research on mind-body integration that educates her students on a more holistic and advanced level of practice and care.

As founder of Bowen College, Manon has taught thousands of professional health care practitioners, including NDs, MDs, psychologists, Nurses, homeopaths, RMTs, Chiropractors, Doctors of Osteopathy and many other practitioners in the healing arts, how to bring effective, pain-free healing to their patients with BowenFirst™ Therapy.

As an educator and mentor she has found that practitioners and patients are seeking a deeper level of healing. In 2016 she is suspending her practice in order to focus her attention on bringing BowenFirst™ Therapy to the world, and raising patient and practitioner consciousness to embrace a new paradigm of healing – that healing starts with you. She endeavours not only to bring BowenFirst™ Therapy to the masses, but to cultivate a new paradigm of healing that focuses on connection – to ourselves, to our patients, to each other, and to our bodies. She shows her students and patients that connection is truly where healing takes place. Not only has she mentored students and healthcare providers in this vision of deeper healing, but her goal to put healing back into the hands of patients  so they can own their health, is also to show that anyone can heal, and anyone can be a healer – because how you live, is how you heal.

Manon’s Achievements

  • Founder and President of The Bowen College Inc.
  • Founder and Director of Cornerstone Health Centre in Vancouver, BC
  • Award for Excellence in Homeopathic Medicine (Dr. R. B. Farquharson Award)
  • Chairperson of the Homeopathic Department at the Boucher Naturopathic College of Medicine 2004 –Present
  • Board Member DHANP (Diplomate of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians)
  • Co-Founder of the Canadian Council for Homeopathic Certification (2001)
  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (1996)
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (1992-2022 CCNM) – currently deregistered
  • Scholarship for Master’s study in Law and Alternative Health – McGill Law School
  • LLB from Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQUAM)
  • Author of the Amazon Best Seller, “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask – The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship.”
  • Radio host of “The Healers Cafe”
  • Founder and Developer of The L.I.S.T.E.N Program
  • Best Selling Author of  “A Healer In Every Household, Simple Solutions for Stress”
  • Author of , “What If Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think?, A step-by-step process to health sovereignty.”
  • TEDxTenayaPaseo (2021) Speaker

Manon Bolliger’s Videos


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Speaking at JTFFox event “Money, Wealth and Business 2017” in South Africa on Health – your biggest wealth

The inspirational Dr. Manon Bolliger and her patients explore her revolutionary thoughts on healing and empowerment
Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND at “The Morning Blend” on September 23rd, 2014: Interview with Dr. Manon Bolliger as she explains the 3 mistakes you should never make after being diagnosed with cancer and other incurable diseases. Promoting her amazon best seller “What Patients Dont Say If Doctors Don’t Ask – A Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship” (2nd edition).

What unconscious trauma lies dormant in your body? Perhaps, the whiplash never healed because you have not addressed the impact of the accident?

Manon’s Best Selling Books

“An original and insightful look at health, illness and the healing process by a dedicated complementary practitioner from whose work I have benefited personally.”
Gabor Mate M.D. –Physician – Best seller Author

Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND author of What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask – The Mindful Patient Doctor Relationship is one of Amazon’s Best Selling Books-In 6 categories!

What Patients Don't Say if Doctors Don't Ask