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Comprehensive Bowen workshops at your door

Bring the incredible work of Bowen Therapy to your practice. Give your patients new, better options for natural pain elimination.

Inspire others on their journey to health by hosting a Bowen workshop at your facility. Our workshops provide comprehensive training and quality instructors.

Why host a workshop?

Lower cost: With a workshop at your practice, you don’t have expensive travel costs. The instructors and the learning come straight to you.

Generate revenue for your business: Some practices open their workshop to the community to recoup the costs of the event. You can train your staff and earn revenue at the same time.

Increase staff retention: Bowen Therapy is an investment in your staff’s training and abilities. By investing in your staff, you help them grow to a new level of excellence.  

Flexibility and convenience: There’s no need for excessive travel time with a convenient workshop. We can do workshops on either weekdays or weekends to fit your busy schedule.

Thinking about a workshop?

Chat with us now to see if a workshop training is right for you. We’ll send you an evaluation and next steps.