Learn How to

Regulate Stress & Pain 

Includes 10 Bonuses

What if you could offer the basics to your partner and family so that their own bodies could deal with stress, regulate pain and get better sleep?

What if you could prime your family’s health by rebooting their systems and helping them achieve optimal wellness?

Health is multidimensional and you know that eating nutritious foods is essential, as is water, movement and mindfulness but people often do not appreciate the power of the fascia.

Fascia is just under the skin and is like a biological internet of connectivity that allows maximum restorative capacity for your body. It literally surrounds all our organs and muscles and sends biological, chemical and emotional information throughout our body so that our body can repair.

You’ve searched online for ways to maintain health and ensure that your systems are optimized.
You’re already implementing good hygiene, proper sleep and also eating nutrient dense foods as well as increasing your vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc but you know that there is more that can be done…. but the things you’ve found are:


Impractical and “woo-woo”


Outrageously expensive


Too difficult to try on your own


Too technical and confusing


Risky and take months or longer to know if they work

It turns out that a little know fascia-based
therapy has the power to Reboot
® Your body.

What this means is that when we find ourselves feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, in pain and just don’t seem to be able to restore ourselves back to a healthy functioning level, we need to consider the fascia. Often our sleep is out of whack, we have problems digesting and we feel sluggish. In that state, our immune system is weakened.

Add fear to the equation and our immune systems cannot perform as it should.  it fails to keep us safe and functioning optimally. Drawing an analogy to our computers, which have operating systems that appear to be dysfunctioning or programs slowing down, we often need to press Reboot to get all systems back to full function. I realized that our bodies are much the same. We are not broken but often we have our wires crossed and that is all we need – a body Reboot !

Manon Bolliger

Hi, I’m Manon, deregistered/retired naturopath, TEDxTenayaPaseo (2021) and International speaker, bestselling author, host of the “Healers’ Café Podcast”, and creator of the Reboot Your Body and LISTEN programs. I’ve taught thousands of people just like you to help their loved ones radically decrease their stress, increase their immune system as well as break free from their chronic pain. Now, I’ve put that info into a home-study course so that caregivers without any previous training can deliver, optimize and maintain the health of their loved ones at home right away.

“Amazing eCourses, with simple instructions and easy to follow videos every step of the way….

Teresa Martin

Virtual Assistant, T Can

Here’s some of what you will discover:

    • How to Relieve Stress & Anxiety for yourself and those you help
    • Use Reboot® to Regulate All Your Systems
    • How to help your loved one sleep like a baby while their body heals itself painlessly
    • How to absorb vital nutrients efficiently
    • How to shed the former state of holding toxins and embrace a detoxified state of being
    • How to halt repetitive pain cycles in their tracks
    • A simple yet powerful technique to feel vibrant & re-energized
    • The amazing science behind Reboot®
    • When implemented, Reboot® signals to the body to correct any hormone imbalances without the use of costly drugs
    • How to use Reboot® to ignite your metabolism

Reboot® Home Care Kit is a life-changing program that will assist you on a restorative journey as you address pain and your current health challenges while simultaneously strengthening your overall immunity, wellness and emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

Patients of mine have empowered their whole team using this, have accelerated their recovery time, have decreased time lost and have shared this with their families.

I have included complementary tools you can use to boost your immune system such as hydrotherapy, how to manage fevers, how to understand what homeopathy can bring to the table in acute health challenges and much more.

My goal is to have a healer in every household, that can keep sanity in a fear-based society.


You or a loved ones feels:

Overwhelmed, Stressed, Fatigued

Lack of vitality

Unable to detoxdigest properly

Sluggish, In Pain

Lack of proper & restorative sleep


Don’t worry- you don’t need to know any anatomy, and these methods won’t require you to use any strength.  There are diagrams and instructional videos that are easy to understand. The best thing about this program is that the techniques are so simple that you will feel confident using them after your first time trying them. 


You will be able to study the lessons and start implementing them in the same day. How’s that for fast!

And now it is available to you as a convenient home study online course.


Your Reboot® eCourse gives step by step instructions so you can heal pain throughout the entire body.

It’s broken down into 5 sections that cover specific areas of the body. Each section contains multiple videos showing how to perform the specific techniques. This format lets you easily learn and apply immediately.

Lesson 1

The Bowen Method & Your Family

Lesson 2

Moves for the Lower Body

Lesson 3

Moves for the Upper Body

Lesson 4

Moves for the Neck

Lesson 5

A Full feature video from start to finish of the Reboot Treatment

Reboot® @ Home Includes


20 HD videos covering how to heal the entire body- all fully transcribed and downloadable in video/audio formats. These videos show you how to perform the healing techniques one area at a time so you learn fast and start seeing pain-relief right away


Step by step fully-illustrated manual– This is perfect for those who prefer to learn through reading. The manual includes descriptions of the techniques, an easy to understand overview of anatomy, and how to perform the techniques so you can relieve your loved one’s pain TODAY


Diagrams to complement each procedure- Use this as a visual aid while performing the moves on your loved one. With this diagram you can follow along visually and increase your own knowledge at the same time


Access to Reboot Your Body FOR LIFE, so that you can achieve mastery of each component of the healer’s path.


Photography of each section -so that you know exactly what is being talked about


Complete HD Instructional Voice over video showing the entire body treatment completely without breaks


Easy tips for how to set up for your treatments and best practices for how to support your loved ones after treatment


Q & A support– Get expert advice for your questions


Exclusive Facebook group– Where you can connect with other members and get group feedback and support


Guide to “commonly asked questions”- What to do and what not do, how to exercise…etc 


Bonus #1– “Synergy Dialogues: How to Find the Right Healthcare Team” A detailed how-to blueprint for connecting and communicating with your healthcare team in a way that has them fully embrace your suggestions and give you the best care.


Bonus #2– “Healing Frameworks PDF” Understand the different methods for working with the body so you can take control over your healthcare


Bonus #3– “Remedies for Acute Injury” Audio and PDF Guide


Bonus #4– “Remedies for Trauma” Video Guide


Bonus #5– “Hydrotherapy: A Function of Water” How to use water as a powerful home remedy to increase circulation and decrease fever, and provide pain relief.


Bonus #6– Stressors (and how to champion over them) 


Bonus #7– “Lymphatic Detox and Breast Health” Essential info for you and your loved ones’ health


Bonus #8– “Reboot For Families” Teach your family and children to use these pain-relieving techniques so they can feel proud and help out


Bonus #9– Your exclusive opportunity to be first in line when we start our upcoming live classes. Seats are by application only, and we will notify you FIRST so that you can reserve your seat and avoid missing out


Bonus #10– A chance of a copy of my bestselling book “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Doctor Patient Relationship” 


Our risk-free guarantee gives you enough time to try the program out TWICE before deciding. 

Join REBOOT® YOUR BODY and try it for 60 days.

If after you have completed all the work, these effective and transformational techniques don’t help improve quality of life.

If you have any questions or concerns abou the course,
email us at [email protected]
We’re happy to help  🙂

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