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Advanced and continuing education courses designed for better healing

Bowen College offers specialized courses and continuing education courses for busy practitioners.

Become the healer you were meant to be by expanding your understanding of the mind-body connection, growing your skills, and offering painless treatment alternatives for your patients.

Bowen College’s specialized courses help you delve into advanced-level coursework, so you can study what you’re most passionate or curious about.

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CBHT Case Management Q&A

One year membership to Monthly access for Practitioner Case Management Q&A teleconference with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND to discuss case management


This will give you 8 CE credits. You will need to attend Live, the majority of the calls and submit short cases for discussion or to share in the newsletter. Needless to say, confidential details need to be removed. This will ensure that you keep documenting your personal success and also add to the database Bowen College is collecting for the benefit of ongoing Bowen therapy visibility.




Practitioner Assessment Skills – Module 1

The Practitioner Assessment Skills Course is a combination of effective assessment techniques developed from many different sources. These include direct practical contact with four of Tom Bowen’s original six students, plus many other notable practitioners of Australian and overseas bodywork.


This course is designed to provide an efficient and effective way of assessing clients receiving Bowen therapy with the emphasis on understanding the process of change. Based on 26 years experience as a practitioner, the course covers assessments of all the main Bowen areas/procedures. The assessment techniques includes, visual, palpation, orthopedic, kinesiological, intuitive, fascial, hydrostatic as well as those developed by the author for own experience and that of learning from four of Mr. Bowen’s original students.

In taking this workshop, therapists can provide more specific application of the technique by understanding the effects of the moves. By observing the quantitative changes in the body during a treatment, in turn, enhances the results of the treatments by providing the right amount of intervention. Also provide a better understanding of the technique, the outcomes and be more effective and efficient in the application of the techniques. This allows the practitioner to communicate to other therapists in a quantitative assessment manner, when referring to, or receiving referrals from other health practitioners. More confident in dealing with clients and other allied health practitioners.

Understand a conceptual philosophy underpinning Bowen therapy both at a macro and micro level. Learn to assess various parts of the body and evaluate paths of dysfunction. Devise appropriate treatment options. Evaluate the effect of the move/s on different parts of the body during the treatment. Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment process. The course participant will learn, be able to explain and reproduce in a manner consistent with other practitioners; subjective and objective measures defined by visual, intuitive, biomechanical, fascial, hydrostatic and kinesiological outcomes.

Other techniques have been developed by the author over 26 years of clinical experience that have proven both effective and time efficient methods of assessment.

Prerequisites*: All qualified therapists. Particularly relevant to those involved in structural bodywork techniques.

Instructor – Ron Phelan

Course Structure: 1 DAY in class (8 hours), hands-on instruction

COURSE PRICING: Regular Price: $250.00 USD Earlybird Price: $200.00 USD **Earlybird Pricing is in effect until 6 months prior to the start of the date(full payment made 6 months before the start of the course).

“Hormone Release – The Bowen Way”

“Hormone Release – The Bowen Way” is a unique “Bowen”; based course developed to address many symptoms of the Reproductive and neurological systems for both men and women.


Conditions that have known to respond well to Hormone Release the Bowen Way include Menstrual pain, Endometriosis, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birthing, Hot flushes, Mood swings, Vaginal dryness, Loss of libido, Bladder problems and Enlarged prostate.

The Endocrine is directly affected by the structure of the body as well as other associated factors including nutrition and emotion. Using specific targeted Bowen style moves, the efficiency of the endocrine system can be markedly improved, bringing about balance in all aspects of health.

In taking this course, participants will learn to understand the “structural” effect of the moves, on the body. Understand and rationalise the importance of stomatognathic/ cranial system in the function of the body. Understand the concept of homeostasis in the body, the stress cycle and how this effects the physiological adaptive range. Appreciate and understand the influence of the structure of the body on the endocrine system. To learn and apply appropriate sets of “Bowen” based moves to stimulate the endocrine system Use correct combinations, in conjunction with the specific circumstances. To evaluate and understand the effectiveness of each of the treatments.

Instructor – Ron Phelan

Course Structure: 2 Days in class (14 hours), hands-on instruction

Prerequisites*:  Completion of CBHT or Qualified Bowen therapist from any of the recognised schools.*Please Note: If you have completed equivalent courses at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program.

COURSE PRICING: Normal pricing -$597.00 Early bird – $500.00 *Earlybird Pricing is in effect until 6 months prior to the start of the date(full payment made 6 months before the start of the course).

Primary Care First Aid for Practitioners

We chose Primary Care First Aid as they tailor their First Aid training to practitioners allowing hands-on practical life-saving techniques which allow you to practice, ask questions and gain true insight to what it is like in the field to save a life.


With Primary Care First Aid, you’ll be getting first aid instruction from experienced fire firefighter personnel with real-life experience.  Instructors pass on what it’s actually like applying first aid in emergency situations. This makes for an extremely high success rate inside and outside the classroom.  We’ve taught students from a wide variety of occupations, and we tailor each class to those specific jobs.  Our fun and engaging classes make learning first aid easy, and we give students the confidence to step in and help someone when it matters most.

Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Level C is a two-day program developed by the Canadian Red Cross and is necessary for all Certified Bowen Health Therapists (CBHT) to qualify and retain their licence in Canada. Certification is good for up to 3 years. The recertification course is 1 day, the 2-day course includes the following topics:
-Preparing to Respond-The EMS System-Check, Call, Care-Airway Emergencies-Breathing & Circulation Emergencies-First Aid for Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest-Head & Spine Injuries-Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries-Wound Care-Sudden Medical Emergencies-Environmental Emergencies


Open to ALL

Course Cost:

Re-certification Course (6-8 hours):
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