Hormonal Release -The Bowen Way- September 28-29, Calgary, Alberta



Hormone Release – The Bowen Way“; is a unique “Bowen”; based course developed to address many symptoms of the Reproductive and neurological systems for both men and women.

Conditions that have known to respond well to Hormone Release the Bowen Way include Menstrual pain, Endometriosis, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birthing, Hot flushes, Mood swings, Vaginal dryness, Loss of libido, Bladder problems and Enlarged prostate.

The Endocrine is directly affected by the structure of the body as well as other associated factors including nutrition and emotion. Using specific targeted Bowen style moves, the efficiency of the endocrine system can be markedly improved, bringing about balance in all aspects of health.

In taking this course, participants will learn to understand the “structural” effect of the moves, on the body. Understand and rationalise the importance of stomatognathic/cranial system in the function of the body. Understand the concept of homeostasis in the body, the stress cycle and how this effects the physiological adaptive range. Appreciate and understand the influence of the structure of the body on the endocrine system.

To learn and apply appropriate sets of “Bowen” based moves to stimulate the endocrine system Use correct combinations, in conjunction with the specific circumstances. To evaluate and understand the effectiveness of each of the treatments.


Course Details:

This course has sold out in the past and has limited seats available. We recommend registering early to reserve your seat. An Early bird price is offered to those registering early. Locations and details will follow closer to the date. If the course is not offered in 2022 a full refund is available with no penalties. If a you require a refund 6 months or more prior to the start of class, a $50 transit fee will be applied. All other refund policies apply closer to the start of the date.  Please see Refund & Course Payment Plan Policies.

Instructor:  Madeline McBride

EXPECTED DATE: September 28-29,  2024  (if sufficient interest)

LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta



2 DAYS in class (14 hours), hands-on instruction



Completion of CBHT or Qualified Bowen therapist from any of the
recognized schools.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed equivalent courses at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program.



Early Bird: $550 CAD Repeat: $400 CAD    Early Bird ends July 1, 2024.

Regular: $675 CAD Regular Repeat: $475 CAD