Hormonal Release – The Bowen Way- September 21-22, Bellevue (Seattle), Washington State, United States

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By the use of specific ‘Hormonal Release’ techniques, this workshop targets common Urinary System and Reproductive System problems of males and females at all stages of life: childhood; adolescence; trying to conceive, pregnancy, post-partum; menopause/andropause; and senior years.

Hormonal Release – The Bowen Way is a two-day workshop for certified Bowen Therapists. You will learn a series of additional bodywork procedures to be used in conjunction with basic Bowen Therapy procedures in an integrated session. Please note that these new nerve-stimulation procedures are not an alternative to medical treatment.

This workshop covers:

  • The physiological adaptive range concept, and how stress, exhaustion, poor nutrition, emotion, accumulated injuries, and other factors affect it.
  • Anatomy of the Endocrine, Reproduction and Urinary Systems
  • The impact of structural misalignment (including the pelvis, occiput and jaw) on the Endocrine System in general and the Pituitary gland in particular.
  • The impact of muscle compression on nerves that supply the urinary and reproductive organs.

You will learn to locate key nerves and perform new bodywork moves in specific combinations to address:

  • Period pain, endometriosis, PMS
  • Infertility (male or female). It is estimated that one in six or seven North American couples have difficulty conceiving. You will learn how to support the client’s goal of either natural conception or IVF.
  • Preparation for birth
  • Post partum procedures for painful intercourse, pubic symphysis misalignment
  • Menopause symptoms, low libido, vaginal dryness
  • Enlarged prostate, low testosterone, firmer erections
  • Bedwetting & incontinence


Course Details:

This course has sold out in the past and has limited seats available. We recommend registering early to reserve your seat. An Early Bird price is offered to those registering early. Locations and details will follow closer to the date. If the course is not offered in 2023 a full refund is available with no penalties. If  you require a refund 6 months or more prior to the start of class, a $50 transit fee will be applied. All other refund policies apply closer to the start of the date. Please see Refund & Course Payment Plan Policies.

INSTRUCTOR: Madeline McBride

EXPECTED DATE: September 21-22 2024

LOCATION: Bellevue (Seattle), Washington State, United States



2 DAYS in class (14 hours), hands-on in-person instruction



Completion of CBHT or Qualified Bowen therapist from any of the
recognized schools.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed equivalent courses at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program.



Early Bird: $450 USD Repeat: $400 USD Early Bird ends July 1, 2024.

Regular: $575 USD Regular Repeat: $475 USD

Location: Hotel 116, A Coast Hotel, 625 – 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, Washington State 98004

Meeting Room: Alder Room.

Book a hotel room at the special rate of $139 USD single and $149 USD double before August 20, 2024 (cut-off date.) Call the hotel at 425.455.9444 and ask for the rate under the Group Name of Madeline McBride, McBride Pain Clinic.