Bowen Meridian Medicine – eCourse


This course is an introduction to a series of courses that cover the premise of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its foundation concept of ‘meridians’. This course serves as a basic backdrop to Meridian Medicine and offers another perspective in understanding the health of your patient.


Bowen Meridian Medicine:

This course will introduce the concepts of energy meridians and how they correlate with myofascial pathways:

  • The basics of Yin and Yang
  • TCM energetics
  • Meridians and associated organs
  • Key points on the meridians
  • The Five Element theory
  • Bowen moves and associations with meridians
  • Vital substances
  • Qi – definition and functions
  • Pathologies of Qi
  • Element personalities
  • Treatment using Five Elements theory
  • The organ systems
  • Meridians and TCM
  • Practical applications of TCM and Bowen combinations

How you will study:

This is a web-based learning module. Bowen Meridian Connections is the first part of three modules and is an introductory course in Meridian Medicine. You will be given access to our student course site where you can work through the module in your own time. As you progress, you will be assessed informally then submit a final assessment under examination conditions.

Why study this module?
We believe that having gained this additional knowledge will compliment your core Bowen studies and give you relevant information for your practice.
The course can be taken on its own but is an essential module to qualify as a Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist.

The modules in Advanced Meridian Medicine explore Meridian Medicine and develop a deeper conceptual understanding of the body in relation to the meridians.