E-Functional Muscle Anatomy eCourse


The Muscle Anatomy course covers the physical aspects of the human body and how the body moves.  You will learn the origin, insertion and action of the muscles of the body and how to see the muscles in relation to the body contour.


This anatomy course teaches the function, origin and insertion of the muscles of the body. The focus of the course assists the student with the dynamic understanding of each muscle associated with the Bowen Protocols.

It will cover the origin, insertion and action of the muscles of the body and how to the muscles can be seen in relation to the body contour. This knowledge will assist the therapist in assessing a client’s individual needs in order to alleviate health problems, stress and balance body functions.

The subjects covered include:

  • Anatomical position, directional and regional terminology
  • Structures of shoulder and upper arm
  • Structures of forearm and hand
  • Structures of spine and thorax
  • Structures of head, neck and face
  • Structures of pelvis and thigh
  • Structures of lower leg and foot

How you will study:

This is a web-based learning module. You will be given access to an e-campus where you can work through the module in your own time. As you progress, you will be assessed informally then submit a final assessment under examination conditions.

Why study this module?

We believe that having a sound understanding of Muscle Anatomy is essential to your core Bowen studies.
The course can be taken on its own but is an essential pre-requisite for the Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist programme if you do not have equivalent prior training.

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