Level 100 Basic Bowen Protocols

Level 100 Basic Bowen Protocols

The Level 100 Basic Bowen Protocols is open to all student who while learning the physical therapy also wants to experience first hand its healing benefits.  Approved for 7 CEUs for CMTBC, CMTNL, CEBHCP, CONO, and NCBTMB.  This 1-day is open to the practitioner without prerequisites as long as they have had previous training in Anatomy & Physiology or Functional Muscle Anatomy. Designed to give you a ‘taste’ of Bowen, this 1-day course can be easily integrated into your practice giving you the skills to change the way you practice. This course is offered as a one-off and gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the CBHT Professional Program.

Instruction will include: Basic Bowen Protocols and will help you eliminate your patient’s pain and long-term issues.  If you do not have Anatomy and Physiology or Functional Muscle Anatomy and wish to add these please follow the link HERE for more information.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gain a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in healing
  • Understand how structure governs function
  • Use a non-invasive physical technique that will enhance their practice
  • Integrate and reinforce knowledge they have accumulated thus far
  • Integrate patient management knowledge
  • Touch and manage a patient in a non-threatening, respectful, and professional manner
  • Recognize the inter-relationship and health implications between the physical structure and the biochemical/organ dysfunctions and the emotions, psychology, and spirit of the individual.

Course Content:

  • Lower back AIM (Autonomic Integration Moves) Protocol

-Lower Back Erector Spinae Move

-Gluteus Maximus Move

-Biceps Femoris Move

-Iliotibial Band Move

-Vastus Lateralis Move

  • Torso AIM (Autonomic Integration Moves) Protocol

-Upper Body Erector Spinae Move

– Rhomboids and Levator Scapulae Move

–Latissimus Dorsi Posterior Move

– Medial/Lateral Erector Spinae Move

  •  Cervical Protocol

– Scalene Move

-Suboccipital Move

-Upper Trapezius Move