Bowen Therapy Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Bowen in one day

Bowen College offers a one-day course to teach practitioners the mechanisms of healing with non-invasive techniques.

Our instructors will teach you how to touch patients in a respectful and relaxing manner to ease their pain. Learn how structure governs function in the body, as well as the relationship between physical structures, a patient’s spirit, and the roles they play in healing.

Seven CEUs are available from this one-day course. Basic Body Protocols is open to everyone who has taken the prerequisite course, Reboot Home Care Kit.

Learning Bowen Therapy as a new ND helped build my patient base. My patients got fast effective results which gave them more confidence in me and has been the major source of referrals in my practice for 11 years.

Connie Pugliese-Riolino

Get a taste of the Bowen Method

Basic Body Protocols is a Level 100 course designed to give you an overview of the Bowen Technique. It’s our goal to show you how to integrate these skills into your practice and transform how you treat patients.

Course structure

Experience Bowen therapy in this hands-on program. We will cover three areas during this one-day course:

— Lower Back AIM Protocol
— Torso AIM Protocol
— Cervical Protocol

Become a healer

If you find you love the Bowen Technique, as many of our practitioners do, take your learning to the next level. Enroll in our CBHT Program to become a Bowen-certified healer.