Bowen Therapy Training Courses

Designed for working adults

Bowen College offers a range of flexible courses designed for your busy life. We integrate online and practical hands-on components to balance flexibility and learning.

Whether you want a full certification in the Bowen Technique or you want a taste of the Bowen experience, Bowen College has training options for you.

Our goal is to help you walk away feeling confident and ready to use Bowen Therapy to heal your patients’ pain.

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Training Courses

There are a variety of training, courses, and workshops to teach you about the healing Bowen Technique.

Certified Bowen Health Therapist (CBHT) Program

This training program is designed for practitioners who want to be fully certified in the Bowen Technique. Our program is recognized by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP) and the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).

Looking for Prerequisite Courses or Continuing Education?

Level 100 Basic Body Reboot Protocols

This one-day basic course trains you in the foundations of Bowen Therapy. For this training, you can earn seven CEUs, which are accepted by most boards. If you find you love Bowen, as many practitioners do, you’re welcome to apply for the certification program.

Healing Accelerator Workshop

Healing Accelerator is a four-day workshop designed for busy healthcare practitioners. This workshop is perfect if you’ve already trained in a hands-on modality.

During this workshop, you’ll learn Bowen basics to complement your existing practice. After the workshop, you can incorporate what you’ve learned into your practice or return to complete a full certification.

Primary Care First Aid

This two-day program was developed by the Canadian Red Cross. If you’re getting recertified, you only need to complete a one-day program. After this course, your certification will be good for three years.

This is a Standard First Aid course for CPR/AED Level C. You’ll receive instruction in first aid from experienced firefighter personnel with real-world experience.

L.I.S.T.E.N: The Intelligent Healing Program

From an early age, we’re ingrained with harmful beliefs like “no pain, no gain.” Through a series of audio lectures and worksheets, you’ll use the LISTEN framework to explore your emotions and thoughts.

Whether you’re on a personal journey or trying to cope with a loved one’s struggles, LISTEN is a way to adjust your mindset and find healing.

Reboot Home Care Kit

The Bowen College Reboot Home Care Kit gives you a toolkit of basic Bowen moves you can start using right away.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their health or the health of a loved one. We specifically designed this course to empower patients and their families to have effective, pain-free treatment options.

The Reboot Home Care Kit teaches techniques you can use in your own home, with no special equipment or healthcare knowledge required.

Prerequisite Courses

When you register for the Bowen certification program, you can earn your core prerequisites online. You are also welcome to take these foundation-building courses without enrolling in the CBHT program.

Specialized Continuing Education Training

In addition to our other courses, Bowen College offers advanced training in complementary modalities.

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