Healing Accelerator Workshop

Accelerate healing—the natural way

Enroll in Bowen College’s Healing Accelerator course

Healing Accelerator is a four-day intensive class. The Healing Accelerator helps students learn the aspects of physical therapy as well as the benefits of the Bowen Technique.

Even if your patient is experiencing long-term pain, the Healing Accelerator helps you learn how to eliminate that pain effectively. During this course, we will view patient case studies to investigate the mind-body relationship to healing.

Boost your career in the healing arts with the Healing Accelerator. This course includes:

— Basic Bowen Protocols
— Upper Body Protocols
— Lower Body Protocols

There are no prerequisites necessary to attend but it is beneficial to have basic knowledge in the planes of the body and/or human anatomy.


  • We welcome all attendees of the Healing Accelerator Workshop to further develop their skills by joining our certification program!