Our Healing Accelerator Workshop and Advanced Course training will be coming to a city near you. Here are a few of the exciting new opportunities coming your way!


Join Bowen College, the first accredited Canadian school to offer the comprehensive training necessary for you to practice Bowen Therapy, one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world.



Looking to become a Certified Bowen Health Therapist? 

Become a Bowen Therapist or find out how you can elevate your established practice with the Bowen Technique, whether you are an RN, RMT, Midwife or Naturopath.

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Interested in Bowen for Friends & Family?


Need to find a way to help heal the people around you? Just want to learn a modality that can work for you and your family?

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No experience in body work? Start here today!


Ready to take the next step? You can become a part of Bowen College!

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This Month's Featured Workshop:  

Toronto, ON
Healing Accelerator Workshop
$1597 (usd)

4 day workshop: Oct.6-Oct.9 2017

Healing Accelerator Workshop will prepare you for becoming a CBHT (Certified Bowen Health Therapist). Instruction will include: Basic Bowen Protocols, Lower and Upper body protocols that will help you eliminate your patient's pain and long term issues.

Instructor: Dr. Manon Bolliger, N.D.

Need Prerequisites?

Now for a Limited Time we are offering the Complete CBHT Training Program prerequisites (valued at $1500.00) at a  discounted cost. Now available at $747.00 we allow the total value of the prerequisites to be credited towards the entire program cost.  See details HERE

Already Have Your Prerequisites?

CBHT program qualifies you to become a Bowen Health Therapist and to work as a professional practitioner. This practical and holistic training helps you build your practice or act as the first step on you path as a professional in the Healing Sciences. Understanding the context for healing, incorporating a broader perspective on health as well as a true understanding of how the body heals, gives you a holistic framework to achieve the best results for your patients.