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Foundation Program

The Best Place to Start your Training Begins here…

When you register for the Foundations Program you will receive all of the core prerequisites necessary to become a Bowen Therapist. All courses are self-paced and include Unit quizzes to track your progress and set you up for success. At Bowen College, we require the following courses to be completed so you walk away with a strong foundation and the context necessary to become a great practitioner. In addition, you will be able to register for a Healing Accelerator Workshop, our 4-day practical training in Bowen Therapy. 

Please NOTE this is a entry-level introduction to Bowen Therapy and a necessity for all students looking to become Certified Bowen Health Therapists.

The Foundation Program includes:

  • Healing Accelerator #1
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Functional Muscle Anatomy
  • Nutrition & Bowen
  • Meridian Medicine
  • Double Your Healing Power – Clear Senses & Healing Frameworks

If you’ve taken equivalent courses elsewhere, please let us know before enrollment.


“Manon’s extensive clinical experience using the Bowen technique allows for a learning experience that is rich, in-depth and comprehensive. She is tremendously generous with her clinical pearls so that all of her students can benefit from and be successful Bowen practitioners.”

Miranda Demierre


Transition Program

Looking to see if Bowen Therapy is right for you? Join us for our Practical Training and learn the application and philosophy behind Bowen College!

When you sign up for the Transition Program you are able to register for the Healing Accelerator Workshop our 4-day training specific to the application of Bowen Therapy on future patients/clients. By attending you will have the opportunity to address conditions and experience a treatment for yourself. Hailed by our graduates, as their favorite part of the training, you will have 4-days to learn, experience and challenge health paradigms. In addition, you will be invited to 12 months of Q&A’s hosted by Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND where you can discuss case studies, specific treatments, unresponsive clients/patients etc. This consultation allows students to grow in their development as practitioners giving support and feedback on their own journey in the health field.

Please NOTE any healthcare practitioner or body worker can take the Transition Program however this level of training will not satisfy all of the practical or academic requirements to be certified.

The Transition Program includes:

  • Healing Accelerator #2
  • Q&A Monthly Calls x12

“Awesome. Dr. Manon is confident and easy to follow & understand. Based on the course content and skills learned in a very short time, this course has exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend this course to others. In-depth information together with an intense hands-on-training has really helped me to understand the technique.”

Stacey Kelly

CBHT - Moncton, NB with Dr. Manon

Transformation Program

Practitioner Development begins with you, experience your own Transformation…

When you sign up for the Transition Program you are investing in the type of Practitioner you wish to be. By addressing your own development as a practitioner you will be able to better serve others throughout their health journey. A combination of mentorship and self-work allow you to focus on what it means to be a practitioner through your own personal journey. The Transformation Program allows you to repeat any previous Healing Accelerator Workshop training you have taken with Bowen College if you are in need of a review of your skills. In addition, the Reboot Home Care Kit allows you to have lifetime access to the Basic Body Protocols through our video series making it a great office and home use tool. The Home Care Series is a part of our public outreach and includes topics such as brushing techniques, hydrotherapy and safe home remedies passed on throughout the generations from medically trained and naturally focused doctors and health professionals. 

Please NOTE anyone who is in the healthcare field can register for the Transformation Program however this entry level will not satisfy all of the practical requirements to be certified.

The Transformation Program includes:

  • LISTEN: The Intelligent Healing Program with Integration Calls
  • Reboot Home Care Kit (12 part home/office video series)
  • Innate Healing – The Root Causes Process & Removing Obstacles

“Being a BowenFirst therapist has changed my practice and it’s is the most rewarding work I do. The training is excellent and the community that Bowen College is forming is so supportive.”

Cathy Sevcik

Preparation for Certification (CBHT)

Make the Leap and Join a Community of Like-Minded Practitioners and Share Bowen Therapy with the world!

When you are ready to be inducted into the certification process to be a Certified Bowen Health Therapist (CBHT) you will need to Prepare for Certification by completing the following and meeting the standards as set by the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP). Preparation will include your last attendance to a Healing Accelerator Workshop to refine your skills and meet the minimum practical hours necessary for certification. Expectations for preparation include a written and practical examination process held by the instructor and any additional TAs or Instructors to evaluate the comprehensive knowledge of the candidate.

Please NOTE this section is for students of Bowen College looking for induction to the CEBHCP for their completed studies towards the CBHT certification. If you are looking to transfer to Bowen College please go HERE

Preparation for Certification requires the following:

  • Healing Accelerator Workshop
  • 20 Case Studies 
  • 1 Preceptorship
  • 3 supervised sessions
  • 1 Professional Letter of Recommendation; 1 Personal Letter of Recommendation
  • Review, Integration & Exam

“Very empowering program and excellent teachers!”

Christopher English

Business Success for Health Professionals 

Are you new to the healthcare field or looking to enhance your practice?

Open to ALL looking to enhance their practice or gain knowledge and support as a new practitioner. The program allows the practitioner to translate their passion for helping others by developing their business savvy. Graduate courses such as Ethics, Get Your Clients Committed to their Health and the Practice Abundance System allows practitioners to develop themselves professionally through their dialogue while BIZ setup supports the new practitioner in the first steps on building their business. This program invites all registrants to an online VIP workshop with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND. 

Business Success for Health Professionals includes the following:

  • Biz Set-up
  • Get Your Patients Committed to their Health (LISTEN 6 part mini video series & Synergy Dialogues)
  • The Practice Abundance System
  • Boost Your Exposure
  • FOUND – Content Visibility
  • Ethics eCourse
  • 1-day online VIP workshop with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND

Mastermind for Health Professionals

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

The Mastermind for Health Professionals is open to ALL looking to take their business and extend their reach through a holistic understanding of marketing. The Wide-Awake Marketing Course is designed to help you figure out which strategy suits your intentions of reaching more people,  making more money, having a bigger impact and working less. Basically, working smarter by starting to automate some parts of your practice and delivering great value to your clients. In addition, the program includes a 3-day Mastermind Workshop to help you brainstorm ideas and solutions that will work for you. 

Please NOTE the Mastermind for Health Professionals is available to all and is specific for practitioners who have been in the field of healthcare looking to expand their practice within their communities or worldwide.

Mastermind for Health Professionals Includes:

  • Wide-Awake Marketing
  • Build Your Client Base
  • Group training calls on How to Build Your Client Base
  • Mastermind 3-day workshop

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