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Julie Stevenson-Demeester

CBHT; Emotional Freedom Technique; Reiki Bowen Body Works
2278 melissa Cres Burlington Ontario Cell Phone: 905- 332-9718 Work Phone: 905-523-4325

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I have been a Bowen therapist for 13 years. I incorporate Touch for Health & Testing for Bowen as well as food sensitivities, emotional work & EFT and emotion code; etc. I offer council on acute prescribing in homeopathy; training from the Toronto School of homeopathy. I specialize in Lyme Disease and Co-infections, doing referrals for healing outside my practice as well as treating symptoms within my practice.


  • BowenFirst™
  • CBHT (Certified Bowen Health Therapist)
  • NST Practitioner
  • Smart Bowen
  • TMJ Foundations
  • TMJ Fundamentals


  • English
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