Be part of the One-for-One Challenge!

With the new Fall season upon us a simple reminder to get back to the Basics is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether it’s you that is heading back to school or your family, we know this fall season often signifies a season of change and with change different challenges. As a Bowen Community we want to be part of that change and so we are proposing a One-for-One Challenge to help you transition smoothly into this next season!

Ready for Anything. Ready for Everything.

The Bowen core basics to get what you need to help you heal and help others heal should firstly start with YOU! This month’s challenge for those wanting to jump start the Fall season is to reach out to each other. So often as practitioners we become so busy with healing others and growing our practice that we often put our own needs last. We are growing steadily as a Bowen Community and with that we are working harder than ever!

Our Challenge to you is to reach out to one other Bowen Practitioner and offer a One-for-One treatment trade to help get a jump start on the new season ahead and get our bodies back to its Basics with Bowen Therapy.

To be part of this challenge you can be either a student or a practitioner. We encourage all Bowen Practitioners and those studying with us to be part of this One-for-One Challenge!

Upon completing this challenge we want you to tell us about your experience! Fill out the form below and send us a photo to [email protected] of you and your One-for-One partner with a chance for you and your practice to be featured in our Newsletter and website!



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