Welcome to Bowen College's online courses. Now you can learn all the prerequisites required to become a Certified Bowen Health Therapist (C.B.H.T.) at your own pace. Our online courses are designed to build the basic foundation required for the undergraduate and graduate level. Please click below to register the courses.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed equivalent course work to these prerequisites, at one of our affiliate institutions, please contact us to apply them to this program. SPECIAL PROMOTION: Get all the prerequisites at  $747.00 (USD) (Valued at $1500.00) Contact us for details at [email protected] 

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The Complete CBHT Program 

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Individual Prerequisite Courses Available for a Limited Time 

Reboot Your Body 

An introduction to the Bowen Therapy technique and how the body integrates and balances.  The course is perfect for the non-health care practitioner who wants to maintain the health of their family, but is also a great way to add another modality to a health care practitioner's arsenal. 

This course will help you overcome health challenges such as:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • A slow and broken metabolism
  • Lack of vitality
  • Lack of proper and restorative sleep
  • Repetitive pain cycles
  • Inefficient absorption of vital nutrients
  • Improper detoxification and elimination

$497.00 (USD)

Anatomy & Physiology

This course helps students to form a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy and how it relates to Bowen Therapy.

In the Anatomy course you will learn about the muscles of the body. The specific focus of the course is to help you gain knowledge of the origin and insertion of each muscle associated with the Bowen Protocols. This knowledge will assist you in assessing the client's individual needs. In the Physiology course you will learn the basic functions of each of the 11 body systems and their relationship to certain pathologies and the Bowen Protocols.

$377.00 (USD)

E-functional Muscle Anatomy

E-Functional Muscle Anatomy course covers the physical aspects of the human body and how the body moves.  You will learn the origin, insertion and action of the muscles of the body and how to see the muscles in relation to the body contour. Click below to register the course.

$367.00 (USD)

Nutrition & Bowen

In this course you will be introduced the fundamentals of holistic nutrition and how to make basic dietary suggestions to the clients in relation to improving Bowen treatments. This course will equip the practitioner with most of the nutritional considerations needed to help them guide the patient into quick recovery.

$225.00 (USD)

Bowen Meridian Connections

This course is an introduction to a series of courses that cover the premise of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its foundation concept of 'meridians'. This course serves as a basic backdrop to Meridian Medicine and offers another perspective in understanding the health of your patient.

$225.00 (USD)