We urge you all to attend one or more of these calls a month. It is a great way to get support along your studies & stay connected with our community.

These group calls will be led by Loren & are your first line of support while working through the program. We will also use these calls as a way to update you on any changes or give details on upcoming workshops. Any questions at all pertaining to coursework, Healing Accelerators, supervised sessions etc will be covered during these calls. Even if you don’t have a question but you are looking for motivation while working through your program, jump on this call to connect with our community & gain valuable support from our team.


 General Call Appointment


It is required to attend at least one Q&A call a month. In order to be marked complete for your case studies you must have them reviewed during a Q&A call.


 Q&A Case Study Call – 1st Monday Q&A Case Study Call – 3rd Monday