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Alandra Shaffer

Certified Bowen Health Therapist New Energy Bowen Therapy
#101-144 Front St Penticton BC Canada Work Phone: 250-462-1500 Website: New Energy Bowen
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I am a Certified Bowen Health Therapist (C.B.H.T.) with over 700 hours of training and a member in good standing of the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners. I have been practicing Bowen Therapy since 2015 and have a background in Emergency Medical Care as an Emergency Medical Technician. I am also an instructor with St John Ambulance teaching standard as well as industry courses throughout the Okanagan Valley.

My passion for Bowen Therapy began when I experienced results for myself. I am now dedicated to helping my clients achieve the same level of pain relief and more. I hold advanced certification in the treatment of Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders, the Importance of Symmetry which helps target bodily dysfunction and Applied Myoskeletal Therapy. I also have education in functional anatomy and physiology, meridian training and basic nutrition.

I trust in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and through these modalities, the message is passed along to the nervous system to aid in doing exactly that. I firmly believe that in addition to the physical, the treatment of all aspects of a person, including any social, mental and/or emotional concerns, is vital in helping clients lead a healthier, happier life.

?I am a knowledgeable, experienced communicator and educator who is dedicated to raising the industry as a collaborative whole by building awareness and staying current with continuing education in my field.


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