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Cheryl Gibson

Equine and Animal consultant:  education, practitioner, instructor, consultant Cedar Lane Farm
Cheryl Gibson consulting: Cedar Lane Farm 241 10TH Concession West, RR #3 Puslinch Ontario N0B 2J0 Work Phone: 905- 659-7223

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Cheryl Gibson comes from 4 generations of horse breeders and trainers.  Having trained and shown horses in many different disciplines, her experiences and interests are varied.  For more than twenty years, she functioned as an international Andalusian consultant helping clients purchase horses in North America and Spain while teaching about the Andalusian breed and bloodlines.

Cheryl taught for Halton Board of Education for a number of years, was Horsemanship Director for People’s Church Ranch for eleven years, Education Coordinator for Grand River Pony Club for ten years, served as the Education Director for Petlyn Farms, was briefly a member of the Education Committee of the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association, as well as teaching clinics across North America, writing magazine articles and doing educational T.V. spots.  Farm and equine management consultation is provided on request.  Courses on balanced feet related to movement & function are taught at the farm each year.  Cheryl is co-founder and director of education for EQUINE DYNAMICS, an international corporate personal development and communication program using horses.

She served as the Western Ontario Regional Representative for the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association for a number of years, being responsible for breed promotion, educational activities for groups & individuals interested in Donkeys and co-authored a series of articles and a monograph on donkey conformation and foot care.

Cheryl is a past member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners, has been involved with natural approaches to body work and equine behaviour,  practised and taught equine Feldenkrais since the late 70’s, developed and practised myofascial release and CranioSacral techniques for horses and companion animals since the early 80’s. Later study with the Upledger Institute in FL for Human CranioSacral therapy has encouraged acceptance of humans into her practice since 1998. Over the last 40+ years, interest in the physical and mental well-being of the horse and a holistic approach to problem-solving has led to extensive research, development, continuing education and teaching in various modalities including acupuncture, acupressure, acu-ssage, structural anatomy and sports therapy, movement analysis, anatomical Kinesiology, proper equine foot balancing, Touch For Health & human, bowen-based therapies  human and animal, Equine Touch, Mind/Body bowen, E.F.T. & Emotional Freedom Technique: human and animal, energy medicine, homeopathics, herbal remedies, flower essence therapy, Therapeutic Touch, magnetic therapy, T.E.N.S., balanced riding techniques, Equi-Taping kinesiology taping for horses and dogs, tack fitting and saddle design. She developed and manufactured the SUPREMO Custom saddle – originally designed for Spanish horses but benefiting many other breeds as well. This body of work plus close consultation with holistic veterinarians, doctors and therapists has provided the foundation of Cedar Lane Farm Equine Sports Therapy and education program. In 2004, Cheryl and teaching partner Simone Tod, launched Equi-Bow Canada: an Equine body work Certificate program for Horse Owners as well as Professionals.  Cheryl continues with research and development in advancing hands-on body work disciplines for horses, teaching, consulting, writing textbooks and articles.

It has become evident that less than ideal equine performance, chronically or mysteriously lame” horses and horses exhibiting various behavioural problems, need an approach that considers all of the techniques listed above. These have proven to be valuable tools that have helped to solve behaviour, movement, and performance problems in horses. Dressage horses, jumpers, hunters, western and trail horses, combined driving horses, Standardbred and Thoroughbred racehorses have all shown dramatic improvement.

Equi-Bow Equine Bodywork Technique continues as a dynamic educational system under the leadership of Caren Dougall and highly qualified instructors
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  • Equine Bowen; Training from Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND Advanced Courses;
  • Trainings from Jean Dobkin;
  • Trainings from John Wilks; Other

Profession: Equine and Animal consultant:  education, practitioner, instructor, consultant


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