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With a deep personal connection to health advocacy, Dr Manon Bolliger, ND is a dedicated proponent of patient consciousness in the healing process. Devoted to a healing movement that emphasizes listening to our symptoms rather than trying to cover them up, she helps her patients and students understand the vital role they have to play in their own unique healing process.

For over three decades, Dr. Bolliger, has trained health care practitioners on how to integrate body and mind while addressing pain, trauma and health. Dr. Bolliger’s unique methodology guides people on a path to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, reminding them of their life’s choices and agency.

“How you live your life is how you heal.

The body knows how to heal.

Our job is to learn how to live.”

People often limit their healing process, whether it’s from arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis by abdicating their power to their Diagnosis. The path to health means discovering what really needs healing, rewriting the stories that don’t serve us, honouring our body and reclaiming our path back to joy.”

Dr. Bolliger’s training in Bowen began in 1992. Inspired by the endless possibilities inherent in this dynamic and evolving technique, by 1997 she had become one of the most experienced and recognized instructors of Bowen Technique in the world. The Bowen College was the first Canadian College of its kind bringing effective, pain-free healing to their patients, clients, friends, family and loved ones.

Dr. Bolliger helps patients discover that health is freedom – on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. From rural farmers in Nova Scotia, Corporate CEO’s in Toronto and Tri-Athletes in BC, her expertise has guided thousands of patients and helped them learn how to listen to their bodies and heal.

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