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LA, California
Clinical Assessment and Anatomy of Palpation
$310.00 (usd)

  • LA, California USA (map)

This 2 day workshop is designed to teach palpation and clinical assessment of the musculoskeletal system through hands on demonstration and discussion. This course teaches specific tests to address Head and Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back, Lower Back, Hip and Pelvis, Sacroiliac and Lower Extremities. During this course the attendees will be learn and practice the skills for proficient palpation and assessment procedures as they are taught by instructor demonstration. Instructor feedback and one on one guidance while applying learned tests on other attendees will be conducted to aid in creating treatment plans based on individual client needs.

Instructor: Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS


2 DAY in class, hands on instruction

Please wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing, as well as full cover under garments, this course is taught with skin contact. 


Anatomy and Physiology, and Functional Muscle Anatomy knowledge required.