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Registered Bowen Health Practitioner (RBHP)

The RBHP certification is our advanced graduate program for those students and practitioners who want to elevate their career and practice. It is for the full time practitioner, professional health care worker and CBHT student who want to deepen their studies.

Prerequisites: CBHT certification or equivalent

Program Description

Recognized nationally and internationally, the Registered Bowen Health Practitioner (RBHP) is the highest level of certification that Bowen College offers. It is perfect for those therapists wishing to continue their education, refining and expanding their scope with specialty courses. This more comprehensive and rigorous certification requires a practicum, supervised sessions, preceptorship, practical experience and continuing education credits. This part of the training is done over time and helps keep the practitioner abreast of new discoveries and skills available in the community at large. This is a professional level of certification, recognized and accredited by the Canadian Examining Board for Practitioners. The Mastermind includes two live events, the Healing Accelerator (4 days) as well as Setting the Stage for Healing( 3 days). We will also be hosting a live call twice a month in order to support your progress.

This is a long term commitment to Bowen Therapy where students are required to complete:

  • The CBHT certification
  • L.I.S.T.E.N. program
  • 500 hours of practice
  • 2 courses from the Graduate Course Curriculum
  • Internship; Supervised sessions (10 hours)
  • 20 Practicums (3-5) session visits; 5 of the treatments to be formally submitted to BCI database
  • Preceptorships involving at least 15 patients

*Certification courses can also be completed over time in our ‘flex-time’ format, using a ‘pay as you go’ plan.