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Level 100 Basic BowenFirst™ Therapy LIVE (Reboot)

1 Day Training Offered Online and/or In-Person (Check Location)

The Level 100 Basic BowenFirst™ Reboot Protocols is a unique opportunity for students to learn and experience the healing benefits of Bowen Therapy. 

Level 100 Basic BowenFirst INCLUDES


  • 1 day LIVE training with an instructor to learn Basic BowenFirst™
  • A manual



Reboot® Home Care Kit Online Course

Reboot® Home Care Kit eCourse offers easy-to-follow instructions to help you alleviate pain throughout your entire body. The course is divided into five sections, each dedicated to specific areas of the body. These sections consist of multiple videos to demonstrate how to perform the techniques in the comfort of your own home. This format ensures that you can quickly learn and apply these techniques to help your loved ones to heal naturally.

Reboot® Your Body INCLUDES


  • HD videos covering how to heal the entire body- all fully transcribed and downloadable in video/audio formats. These videos show you how to perform the healing techniques one area at a time, so you learn fast and start seeing pain-relief right away
  • Step by step fully-illustrated manual– This is perfect for those who prefer to learn through reading. The manual includes descriptions of the techniques, an easy-to-understand overview of anatomy, and how to perform the techniques so you can relieve your loved one’s pain TODAY
  • Diagrams to complement each procedure- Use this as a visual aid while performing the moves on your loved one. With this diagram you can follow along visually and increase your own knowledge at the same time
  • Access to Reboot Your Body FOR LIFE, so that you can achieve mastery of each component of the healer’s path.
  • Photography of each section -so that you know exactly what is being talked about
  • Complete HD Instructional Voice over video showing the entire body treatment completely without breaks
  • Easy tips for how to set up for your treatments and best practices for how to support your loved ones after treatment
  • Q & A support– Get expert advice for your questions
  • Exclusive Facebook group– Where you can connect with other members and get group feedback and support
  • Guide to “commonly asked questions”- What to do and what not do, how to exercise…etc.
  • Bonus #1– “Synergy Dialogues: How to Find the Right Healthcare Team” A detailed how-to blueprint for connecting and communicating with your healthcare team in a way that has them fully embrace your suggestions and give you the best care.
  • Bonus #2– “Healing Frameworks PDF” Understand the different methods for working with the body so you can take control over your healthcare
  • Bonus #3– “Remedies for Acute Injury” Audio and PDF Guide
  • Bonus #4– “Remedies for Trauma” Video Guide
  • Bonus #5– “Hydrotherapy: A Function of Water” How to use water as a powerful home remedy to increase circulation and decrease fever and provide pain relief.
  • Bonus #6– Stressors (and how to champion over them)
  • Bonus #7– “Lymphatic Detox and Breast Health” Essential info for you and your loved ones’ health
  • Bonus #8– “Reboot For Families” Teach your family and children to use these pain-relieving techniques so they can feel proud and help out
  • Bonus #9– Your exclusive opportunity to be first in line when we start our upcoming live classes. Seats are by application only, and we will notify you FIRST so that you can reserve your seat and avoid missing out
  • Bonus #10– A chance of a copy of my bestselling book “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Doctor Patient Relationship”



Your Body Mind Reboot®

The YOUR BODY MIND REBOOT® Program which includes both LISTEN and REBOOT® will guide you through an introspective journey of self-care, emotional mastery, energetic alignment, and the release of physical root causes that are holding you back from optimizing your true healing potential.

Here’s what is included with Your Body Mind Reboot®


    • 7 LIVE Online Training Sessions with Instructor Manon Bolliger (Facilitator & Retired Naturopath with 30+ Years of Experience)
    • 6 Instructional Videos – with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that you can incorporate easily into your daily life including:
    • I.S.T.E.N. The Intelligent Healing Formula – The process of uncovering hidden traumas both physical and emotional and beginning to look for the meaning behind your symptoms, instead of masking them, for optimal health
    • Live online Reboot® Training – Introduction to Basic BowenFirst™ Technique (Hands-on Technique) that you can use to help your family, friends, and loved ones heal from pain, trauma, and symptoms of dis-ease
    • Guided video exercises and worksheets for each module.
    • Complimentary information and resources to help guide you on your healing journey. Watch them as often as you please!
    • 24/7 access to the members’ area to support your healing journey.
    • Private Facebook Community support to inspire your every step.



Innate Healing System

5 Modules System to Discover Your Innate Power to Heal and Start Living Again, Pain-Free, Fulfilled, and Full of Energy.

Here’s what is included in the Innate Healing System


  • Module 1: The Root Cause Process that Opens the Door to Healing – Discover the mind-blowing shift that helps you get to the root cause of your illness, pain and fatigue.
    • See your condition through a new lens to change your focus, make new choices, and reclaim your power
    • Discover the life situations that could be causing your pain, your unwanted disease through a powerful questioning process
    • How to stop believing you’re the victim of your body
    • Reclaim your thinking about your life and finally take back your health, freedom, and spaciousness


  • Module 2: Ancient Healing Methods that Activate Your Body’s Programming – Discover how your body is actually programmed to heal.
    • Ancient Healing Methods that help your body heal
    • 7 misconceptions about healing
    • How to stop believing you’re the victim of your body
    • How to finally listen to your body, communicate and get clarity on the patterns that might be keeping you sick

  • Module 3: Unlock Your Body’s Innate Ability to Heal
    • How treating the symptoms as the enemy defeats your healing efforts and what to do differently
    • The 3 most common mistakes that keep your struggling with aches and pains
    • The #1 solution to optimum health
    • How redefining your definition of health will free you
    • Why drugs will never make you healthy

  • Module 4: The Breathing Method Discovered to Help the Body Heal
    • How to breathe and enliven your body and bring out the spaciousness in your life
    • How to eliminate negative thoughts and accelerate healing
    • How to flood your body with positive emotion and release feelings such as shame, fear, and anger that block your ability to heal and contribute to your physical pain
    • Access greater awareness and control of your emotions and thoughts keep life simple

  • Module 5: Give Your Body the Emotional Vibration it Needs to Thrive
    • How to Unleash creativity and shift your personal power
    • Learn simple techniques that allow you to transform into your vision of health and well-being.
    • Shift your focus in life from living without pain to living with purpose towards a dream!

Available Books

Discover bestselling author and CEO/Founder of Bowen College, Manon Bolliger’s natural healing books to help you go from dis-ease to optimal health.

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Simple Solutions for Stress – FREE eCOURSE

Is stress negatively affecting your life or the ones you love? Stress is the cause of a  multitude of symptoms and dis-ease. Unfortunately, most people overlook the simple solutions that can lower your stress and anxiety leading to better overall health.

This 6-module course will teach you how to release chronic stress; rid yourself of its cascading negative effects & deal with pain naturally & effectively.

‘Off Switch’ For Chronic Pain – FREE Downloadable

Allows Your Body To Heal Itself Naturally…And Works Without Pills, Therapy Or Doctor      Visits!

3 Common Misconceptions About Health

TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH! Discover the 3 Common Misconceptions that keep you struggling with aches and pains & the #1 secret to abundant health.

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:


  • The Real Difference between Symptom Free and Health – Discover why our quick fix society is putting our health at risk.
  • Why You Should Never Fight with Your Body – Instead learn how to optimize your results by working with your body.
  • Why Drugs Can Never Make You Healthy – Discover the missing link to healing when you’ve tried just about everything.



Reboot Your Health (Homeopathy)

  • Receive “7 Key Questions to Choose a Homeopathic Remedy for the Flu”
  • Free 7-day video series delivered via email – “Tips to LISTEN To Your Body”
  • Find out how to “Reboot All Your Systems”



Tips on Listening To Your Body

7-day video series, delivered via email. Your body is talking to you – interested in learning how to listen?



The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Getting Your Health Back

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

  • 3 Biggest Obstacles to Getting Your Health Back
  • 3 Essential Elements Most Doctors and Experts Miss
  • The #1 Best Secret on Reclaim Your Health



Discover your Health Archetype – FREE Quiz

Your Health Archetype gives you insight into your unconscious operating mode which governs, how you view and react to the world around you and how that information affects and relates to your health. Becoming self-aware of your unconscious operating mode represented by your archetype is a vital step in addressing the stress levels in your body that are running in the background.

Discovering your Health Archetype is the first step in understanding certain tendencies you have, and your particular way of dealing with and seeing life.