Reboot Home Care Kit — After Live Class

The Reboot Home Care Kit will give you a taste of BowenFirst™ so you can learn some basic moves that you can start applying right away.

This online course is for ANYONE who wants to help improve the overall health of family and friends and wants a simple technique they can use right in their own home.  No healthcare background required. This course was designed with the philosophy that anyone can heal, and ANYONE can be a healer.

This means that you get to meet other folks who are at the same level, practice with each other and learn the technique under the guidance of a CBHT.  We will make sure you have the right technique so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your treatments.

You can either purchase right away by clicking the button below OR you if you still are not sure or have questions you can contact us to set up a consultation where we can see how this might fit into your life and answer all of your questions.

The Reboot workshop is geared to maximize the Bowen experience.

Everyone is Welcome!


Course Description

You will start with a Video online course that takes you through the basics of Bowen Therapy. Learn easy body  protocols that will help with such conditions as:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Hormone imbalances
  • A slow and broken metabolism
  • Lack of vitality
  • Lack of proper and restorative sleep
  • Repetitive pain cycles
  • Inefficient absorption of vital nutrients
  • Improper detoxification and elimination

Included in the cost of tuition:

  • Video online course
  • Step by step illustrated manual
  • Off Switch Blueprint
  • Hydro Therapy videos
  • Remedies for Trauma
  • Remedies for Acute Injury
  • Synergy Dialogues
  • Healing Frameworks
  • Homeopathy Remedies
  • Lymphatic Detox

TOTAL COST: $997  

Quick and effective technique

Individuals interested in experiencing a technique that is scientifically designed to help you quickly overcome the 7 biggest challenges that are keeping you from a relaxed body and mind.


Repetitive pain cycles


Lack of proper and restorative sleep


Inefficient absorption of vital nutrients


Improper detoxification and elimination


Lack of vitality


Hormone imbalances


A slow and broken metabolism

If you have a background in the health industry or have current training in anatomy and physiology, you can choose to proceed straight away with the CBHT program or start with this course as a refresher.