the Gentle, Natural & most Effective Treatment to

Relieve Pain & Optimize Healing.

The Bowen College curriculum combines practitioner development and training in the Art & Science of Bowen Therapy through hands-on and self-paced online training. Our curriculum is offered in-person and online allowing you to complete your program at your pace. Start Today!

Who Are You and How can we help?

Practicing Health

 Love us for adding a skill to their practice that optimizes healing with fast results and which creates communication with patients/clients

New Health

Love us for our supportive and
flexible programs that work within
the scope of their busy lives

Friends & Family

Love us for our easy to follow Reboot Home Care Kit, a safe and effective way to incorporate empowered self-care into home care favorite


Because we believe practitioners are at their best when they are fully supported and passionate about what they do, at Bowen College you can…

Study at Your Own Pace

Our curriculum is flexible and designed for the busy lifestyle. With our personalized road map, you can study at your own pace and optimize your learning outcomes. We make it easy to meet your goals and create a study schedule that works for you!

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What can BowenFirst™ do for you and your practice?

What if you could take multiple patients at a time; decreasing your hours/day in the clinic and clear up your schedule? This incredibly powerful yet gentle modality allows you to build the practice you always wanted. Address conditions other modalities only scratch the surface of and make your own health a priority. By training with us you will have a chance to see it, experience it and do it! Offer Bowen Therapy to your clients and transform them and your practice.


Become Accredited & Approved for CEUs

Our training programs in Bowen Therapy are accredited by the independent Canadian Examining Board of HealthCare Practitioners of Canada (CEBHCP) & Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). Courses and Workshops have been accepted for recognition and CEUs worldwide including the NCBTMB, BTPA and more!

Be Involved & Supported by a Community

We are cultivating an inclusive community of like-minded practitioners who want to help others. Through the support of case study management, Practitioner Q&As, and professional development you will be equipped to serve your community the way you always envisioned.  



My experience with Bowen College thus far has been extraordinary. The level of support and encouragement has been outstanding and I love how easy it is to navigate the online courses. The Healing Accelerator Workshops are by far my favourite as Dr. Manon’s passion and experience inspires me to continue to learn and grow as a practitioner.
Thank you!

Stacy Sanchez


Partaking the Bowen College curriculum has been profoundly inspirational, informative and enlightening.  I feel my competence, confidence, and passion for being a health care practitioner has been taken to great heights. Having learned several modalities, I felt I never came across what my own perspectives are on healing and the healing capabilities of the body until I encountered Bowen Therapy. Taking Bowen into my practice has amplified my treatment effectiveness and patient results.

Dr. Romi Fung, B.Sc, ND.

Learning Bowen Therapy as a new ND helped build my patient base. My patients got fast effective results which gave them more confidence in me and has been the major source of referrals in my practice for 11 years.

Dr. Connie Pugliese-Riolino, ND

Help bring healing to

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Start by joining the Foundations Program and getting access to the Healing Accelerator Workshop our 4-day hands-on training and experience Bowen Therapy for yourself….

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