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Meet Dr. Manon Bolliger

What I know for sure is how you live is really how you feel.  Being able to empower people to really trust that they can heal.  WIth Bowen Therapy, people have to get completely involved in the treatment themselves, they’ve got to engage their own bodies to heal....

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What is Bowen Therapy

The BowenFirst™Technique is a body manipulation therapy that uses very gentle pressure to stimulate the brain to reboot the body. Oftentimes, the most common approaches to stress management just don’t work and when they do, they don’t have long lasting results for the...

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My Trip to the Hospital

In my last post I made some claims about pain that I want to illustrate with a personal example. This will take us a couple posts to cover, but it’s time well invested. During a holiday in October 2011, I had a subluxation of the right shoulder upon arriving in Paris....

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