In my last post I began a discussion of the paths that lead us to the new healthcare paradigm. There I discussed the personal experience of a disenchanted law student who discovered that justice through the law wasn’t all I’d initially thought it cracked up to be. That though was just one of personal experiences which have led me this way. Another has been learning through my own health challenges.

When I speak about overcoming health challenges, this is not merely abstract or theoretical. I have faced more than my share of such personal challenges.

Not only have I overcome some serious “diseases,” I have become particularly attuned to both the process of disease and the process that leads to health. This has become my expertise and led to my absolute conviction that the connection between the patient and the doctor is fundamental in this journey. We may realize, as I did, that all the healing comes from within, but as doctors we have a important role to play in creating the best and most conducive environment for the patient to excel on their own journey.

Today, I am at peace with my health. I have “found myself” on this journey. I am free of scoliosis, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, and I am living a life full of happiness and gratitude. I have realized that healing is about living life with consciousness and presence. Since 1992 I’ve helped thousands of patients and trained hundreds of students to achieve optimum health and to engage fully in their lives. In the series of posts to come, I’ll share those insights with you.